F.Y.I. For Women

College and residence life is a time of new experiences. At times it maybe confusing or even scary when facing pressure to “fit in” or encountering new situations. Our goal is to provide you with facts that will enable you to make informed decisions. 

  • Assess your lifestyle. The change to college life may be the time to make positive changes in your health habits.
  • Eating well, exercising, and adequate sleep are important to keep your immune system healthy so you are less susceptible to infection. This is even more important when you are under stress.
  • Tobacco use is the most common risk factor related to oral cancer. Use of alcohol then increases this risk. If you are ready to quit smoking or drinking, contact us for help.
  • Drinking 4 or 5 drinks in a row is called binge drinking. Frequent binge drinking often leads to problems with alcohol. Tolerance (drinking more over a period of time to get the same buzz) is a warning sign of dependency. If you choose to drink , do so in moderation; drink slowly; eat first; avoid drinking games; consider the consequences.
  • Never take a drink, alcohol or otherwise, that you have not seen poured or mixed; and never set it down unattended.
  • The recommendation for routine pap and pelvic exam, starts at age 21. Call the nurses at Wick Primary Care at YSU for information regarding services.
  • Safe sex is the responsibility of both partners. Most times, sex when using drugs or alcohol is unsafe sex, as the ability to make responsible decisions is clouded. Abstinence is the most effective means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. There is no time in a woman’s menstrual cycle when she is 100% safe from getting pregnant. Although there are some times when it is unlikely, there is never a completely safe time. Latex condoms (vaginal, anal, oral), along with spermicide that contains nonoxynol-9, prevent the transmission of genital herpes, HPV (a family of viruses which can cause genital warts), HIV, and Hepatitis B. Only water-based lubricants should be used with condoms.
  • Take care of your emotional health. Set realistic goals. Think positive. Have fun. Make sure your choices are safe, healthy informed ones.