I think something happened to me. How can I report it?

If you believe that you have been subject to or witness to a Title IX violation you have several options for reporting.

  1. File a report online. This report will be directed to the Title IX Coordinator, who will then reach out to you to discuss your options and possible next steps. No action will be taken until the victim has been
  2. File an anonymous report online. This report will be directed to the Title IX Coordinator. The ability for us to act on an anonymous report is significantly limited, but it allows you to get the information on record in the event that you would like to pursue the case later. Additionally, it provides important information to our Title IX Office as they continually assess the safety of campus.
  3. File a report with the police. This can include either an anonymous report or a full report. The police can explain your rights and options within the legal realm.

Regardless of whether you file a report with the Title IX Office or the police you are eligible to receive support services from the university. There are also a number of confidential resources to whom you can speak; as confidential resources they will not disclose any information that you share with them to the police or the University, unless you request that they do so or in the event that someone is in imminent danger.

I am a University employee. What is my obligation to report?

Under Title IX, the University is required to take immediate and corrective action if a “responsible employee” knew or should have reasonably known about sexual misconduct or sex-based discrimination or harassment that creates a hostile environment. A “responsible employee” is an employee who:

  1. Has the authority to take action to address the harassment (for instance, a Director or supervisor of the persons who are involved in the harassment); or
  2. Has been given the duty to report to appropriate University officials any misconduct by students, employees, or third parties (this would include all mandated reporters); or
  3. Someone could reasonably believe has the authority or responsibility to take action to address the harassment.

An employee with supervisory and leadership responsibilities on campus is considered a “responsible employee” who must report behavior that they reasonably know about or should reasonably has occurred.

Examples of responsible employees include:

  • Managers and supervisors,
  • Directors, Associate Directors, and Assistant Directors
  • Faculty members with supervisory or advisory duties over students, employees, or student employees
  • Deans and Department Chairs
  • Resident Assistants (RAs)
  • Program Coordinators
  • Coaches

The University has designated a “responsible employee” as a mandatory reporter under this policy and when they becomes aware of a possible Title IX violation must notify the Title IX Coordinator promptly, but no later than five (5) working days of becoming aware of the information.

Responsible employees cannot maintain confidentiality; if they are notified about a possible Title IX violation, they must inform the individual that they are a mandatory reporter and will be passing all information provided along to the Title IX Office.