Reporting & Complaint Filing

Sexual misconduct including sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, and stalking undermine the educational environment and mission of the University. The University takes these issues seriously and is committed to eliminating any hostile environment, preventing the recurrence of sexual misconduct and addressing its effects. Prompt reporting gives the University the best opportunity to achieve these objectives.

The University provides students, employees, and third parties with a variety of means to report instances of sexual misconduct. Reporting options are not mutually exclusive.

Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinators

The Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators can be contracted if you are seeking information regarding Title IX including reporting and filing a complaint involving sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct. The information provided will be assessed by the Title IX Coordinator (or his/her designee) and an investigation will be conducted depending on a variety of circumstances including but not limited to; the reporting individual’s wish to pursue an investigation, the risk posed to the individuals involved and the campus community by not proceeding, whether there have been other complaints of sexual misconduct involving the same alleged individual[s], and the nature of the allegation.

Please Note: The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators are not confidential sources of support. While they will address your complaint with sensitivity and will keep your information as private as possible, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. For confidential resources, please go to the Confidential Resources.

The Student Conduct Process

If the individual alleged to have committed sexual misconduct is a student, an individual may report the incident to Student Conduct at 330-941-4703.

Please Note: The Office of Student Life/Student Conduct is required to inform the Title IX Coordinator of a report of student sexual misconduct, sexually discrimination or sexual harassment.

Law Enforcement

An individual may contact the Youngstown State University Police Department at 330-941-3527 or at 911 from a campus telephone. An individual who does not wish to pursue action within

the criminal justice system should still consider making a report to the University Police Department which allows the University to report crime statistics pursuant to the Clery Act. Additionally, the timely filing of a policy report allows an individual to pursue possible criminal actions at a later date. Reports can also be made to the City of Youngstown Police Department at 330-747-7911 or by calling 911.

Please Note: The Youngstown State University Police Department is required to inform the Title IX Coordinator of a report of sexual misconduct.

Anonymous Reporting

The University provides online anonymous reporting options for complaints of sexual misconduct and the University will not compel you to reveal your name or that of the alleged perpetrator. However, the University's ability to investigate an incident is limited when names are not included in a report. In order for the University to take disciplinary action against an individual for sexual misconduct, either under University Policy or the Student Conduct Process; the individual’s name must be provided.

Making an initial anonymous report does not prevent an individual from choosing to follow-up with additional information or through a different reporting option. Anonymous reports can be made to:

The Youngstown State University Police Department at the YSU Police website

The Title IX Coordinator at Title IX Home

The Office of Student Life/Student Conduct at Student Conduct: Complaint Filing

Employees who are required to report

Under Title IX, the University is required to take immediate and corrective action if a “responsible employee” knew or, in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known about sexual misconduct, or sex based discrimination or harassment that creates a hostile environment. A “responsible employee” is an employee who:

  1. Has the authority to take action to redress the harassment; or
  2. Has been given the duty to report to appropriate University officials any misconduct by students, employees, or third parties; or
  3. An individual could reasonably believe has the authority or responsibility to take action.

An employee with supervisory and leadership responsibilities on campus is considered a “responsible employee” who must report behavior which he/she reasonably knows or should know that sexual misconduct or sex based discrimination or harassment is or has occurred.

Examples of responsible employees include but are not limited to:

  • Managers and Supervisors,
  • Directors and Assistant or Associate Directors,
  • Faculty members with supervisory or advisory duties over students, employees, or student employees,
  • Deans and Department Chairs,
  • Resident Assistants,
  • Program Coordinators,
  • Coaches.

The University has designed a “responsible employee” as a mandatory reporter under this policy and when he or she becomes aware of sexual misconduct must notify the Title IX Coordinator promptly but no later than five (5) working days of becoming aware of the information.

Responsible employees are not a confidential reporting source and if a responsible employee is contacted by an individual regarding possible sexual misconduct, he/she must inform the individual of the mandatory reporting requirement.