Enrollment Verification Request

If you need an Enrollment Verification letter in a short period of time, please email onestop@ysu.edu with your name, Banner ID number, estimated graduation semester, and your personal address to be included on the form. If you request a letter online through your Penguin Portal (see instructions below), please note that Enrollment Verification letters are mailed out the next business day.


Students who need proof of enrollment should request an “Enrollment Verification” through the Penguin Portal. Follow these steps.

1. Once in the Penguin Portal, click on the link for “Student Records.”

Step 1, Access your penguinportal and click Student Records.

2. Select “Request an Enrollment Verification.”

Step 2, Select the Request an Enrollment Verification link

3. Select “Term” and click “Continue.”

Step 3, select term and click continue

4. Select your “Delivery Method.” If you choose “Standard Mailing,” your request will go out the next business day. If you choose “None,” you will need to contact the Penguin Service Center at (330) 941-6000 or the Office of the Registrar at (330) 941-2267 to have the letter held for personal pick-up in Meshel Hall, Room 242, after 9:00 a.m. the next business day.

Step 4, Select your delivery method, choosing standard mailing.

5. You can choose one of your addresses on file or enter a different address for mailing. Click “Continue.”

Step 5, Choose an address on file or enter a different address for mailing.

6. Confirm that all of the information is correct and click “Submit Request.”

Step 6, Confirm all of your information is correct and click submit request.

7. If you submitted your request successfully, you will see this page.

Step 7,Enrollment Verification Signature page