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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, or FERPA, is a federal law that protects the access and disclosure of your educational records maintained by the University. Educational Information Release via Proxy is an online form students can submit to authorize a parent or a legal guardian with a valid e-mail address to see and discuss academic grades and records, billing records, financial aid records, or other student information such as academic advising records, housing information and actions, student advocacy and support, and student conduct. Each Proxy Profile must have a unique e-mail address; there cannot be multiple proxy users attached to one e-mail address. Listed below are instructions if you wish to release any of this information to a parent/other individual.

Education Information Release via Proxy

  • Education Information Release via Proxy allows students to grant access for others to see and/or discuss academic grades/records, billing records, financial aid records, and other student information such as academic advising, housing information/action, student advocacy and support, and student conduct. Students have the ability to grant or restrict access to any or all of this information at any time. If parents/guests are granted access via Proxy, they will be notified via email with instructions on how to access student information; they will also be notified if their access has been removed.
  • Students have a three-step process to give proxy access to parents/guests: add their email address, set up their relationship status, and select the record/information the student wishes to authorize access. Until the student completes these steps for each individual, the proxy parent/guest will not be able to access the student's information. Students should visit the Penguin Service Center's online instruction page to learn how to set up the education information release via proxy.
  • Parents/guests will receive two email communications once granted access. The first will be an email with basic information about setting up their account, and the second will provide the proxy user with a link to the education information log in page and relationship authorization. Parents/guests should ensure they have received both emails before proceeding to the log in page found above.

Student Privacy Hold

As a currently-enrolled student, you may restrict access to your directory information, or may remove your information from public directories.

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