Faculty & Staff

Application for Permits

Application for faculty/staff permits, whether full or part time, have to be done online through your portal.

Full service faculty/staff shall apply yearly, prior to the beginning of the academic year or at the onset of contract of employment.

  • Part time shall apply prior to the beginning of each semester contract. Only part time employees with current semester contracts may be issued a faculty/staff permit.


Fees & Replacement Permits

  • Fees for permits are absorbed by the department you are working for. However, if you lose your permit or it is stolen you should notify the Parking Services office immediately.
  • You are responsible for  purchasing a replacement  permit at the current rate. Information on fees for replacement is available by calling the office.


Disability Parking

All persons with disabilities must display a valid YSU permit along with the state disability plate or hangtag. Persons with short term disabilities may obtain a temporary disability permit at the Parking Services Office. A physician's statement of need describing the nature and duration of the disability must be presented to the Parking Services Office. These permits are limited to a maximum of 8 weeks and will be issued, at no charge, only to holders of current YSU parking permits.


Displaying Your Permit

Faculty and staff who operate or expects to operate a motor vehicle on University property, at any time, must obtain a valid parking permit. Permits must be displayed at all times while parking on campus.


Lot Designations

The parking spaces on campus for faculty and staff are designated with an "F" are restricted to faculty/staff parking, until 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Lots and decks designated with an "M" are available to faculty/staff, students and other special parking permits, during all hours of operation. After 4:30 pm and on weekends, "F" lots become "M" lots for use with all types of permits.



Retirees have two options for receiving permits, which are:

  • You may receive a retiree permit at no charge valid in M-Lots and Decks.
  • Or, if you wish to use faculty/staff lots, you may purchase a full service permit at the rate established by the University.


Special Permit Spaces

Many lots include several parking spaces restricted for special permit parking only. Vehicles using these spaces must display a current YSU permit, along with a special permit that authorizes a specific reason by the Parking Services Office. Student and faculty/staff permits are not valid in these spaces.