Transferring Your College Credit

All College Credit Plus (CCP) students generate a transcript from YSU that shows the course(s) they took and the grade(s) they earned. Students who apply to schools other than YSU need to request an official transcript be sent directly to the school (if you wish to order your transcripts, please go to the YSU Transcript Request page). Students who attend YSU do not need to do anything.

Note: The decision to grant credit transfer rests entirely with the receiving institution. Students are highly encouraged to check with those colleges/universities they are applying to and verify if and how the credit will transfer.

Transferring your YSU course

Most of the CCP courses meet Transfer Assurance Guidelines set forth by the Ohio Board of Regents. Therefore, these credits equate to the same course at a different school and transfer to any Ohio university that is part of the University System of Ohio. If you are considering a private or out-of-state university, we recommend calling them ahead of time to determine if they will accept the credit. It would be best to start with the respective university’s admissions department and ask if they could answer the question for you. If they cannot, ask them to connect you with someone who can. Chances are the university will need to know the following information in order to make a decision:

  • The course name and YSU code (i.e. YSU course Math 1571, Calculus I).
  • How many credit hours the course will earn (i.e. Calculus is 4 credit hours)

Types of Credit Recognition

If you apply to another college or university, be aware that the decision to grant credit recognition rests entirely with that institution. Recognition of your YSU credits earned through CCP can come in several forms. Be aware of these distinctions as you apply to other colleges and universities. Credits may:

  • Be directly transferred toward your chosen degree or major;
  • Be accepted as elective credit;
  • Exempt you from taking a required course; or
  • Make you eligible for placement into a higher level course.


  • Investigate how your class transfers to the schools you are interested in. The networks below are designed to help students explore their college transfer options. Their goal is to save students time and money by providing a quick, intuitive way of getting their college transfer credit questions answered. See how your credit can potentially transfer in...
  • Save your class syllabus and all your written work and exams so that you can submit evidence of the level of work in your CCP class.
  • Clearly indicate on college applications that you have taken coursework at another university.
  • Include an official YSU transcript as part of your application.
  • Should a college have questions about the CCP course you have taken, present a portfolio including the syllabus, written assignments, and examinations to the chair or director of undergraduate education in the relevant academic department for review.