What happens if I don’t get an “A” in the college class?

Your college grade will be registered on an official YSU transcript. So, if you choose to attend YSU after graduating from high school, your grade will stand. However, if you choose to transfer your credit to another university, the grade will most likely be waived and you will only receive credit for the class. Typically credits transfer, GPA does not!

*Special note: you always want to call a prospective university ahead of time to make sure that the credits will, in fact, transfer and that they will not maintain the grade from the course.

Which is better, Advanced Placement (AP) or College Credit Plus (CCP)?

It depends. Most universities/colleges will hold AP and dual-enrollment credit in the same regard. However, occasionally you will find a university that accepts dual-enrollment, but does not accept AP, and vice-versa. If you visit your prospective university’s website, they will usually explain how they treat AP and dual-enrollment credit earned while in high school. It is important to remember that dual-enrollment (i.e. College Credit Plus) will generate an actual college transcript for a completed course, as opposed to AP which grants retroactive credit based on how you perform on the exam.

If I apply to YSU, will I still be eligible for first-year scholarships?

Yes! Our program has been carefully constructed to make sure that all students who intend to apply to YSU after graduation will be considered first-year students, and therefore will be eligible for all YSU scholarships (including University Scholars). In fact, students will be eligible for first-year scholarships regardless of what University he/she attends.

If I am taking the CCP course in my high school, do I have to take the YSU department final?

This depends on the course. You can ask the instructor at your school if he/she is required to give the YSU department final. If you do have to take the final, the test is still administered in your high school by your own teacher on your district’s timeline. You do not have to travel to YSU during finals week to take the exam.

I am having technology issues. Who do I call?

If you are having any trouble with the MyYSU Portal, please phone the Tech Desk at (330) 941-1595, or e-mail techdesk@ysu.edu. The Tech Desk office is located on the 4th floor in Maag Library.