Partner Roles

College Credit Plus (CCP) is housed and administered within YSU’s Office of College of Access and Transition (OCAT). The following is a summary of key partners and their major responsibilities:

School Districts enter agreement with YSU to offer CCP programming to students, which includes:

  • Designating a district CCP coordinator
  • Providing release-time for high school teachers to attend CCP meetings
  • Providing computer lab space for students enrolled in online courses to complete work during the day
  • Providing transportation for students to attend CCP on-campus non-academic activities
  • Determine any internal policies, including who pays for tuition if the student withdraws late or does not successfully complete a course
  • Following the state's default funding formula for payment

District coordinators are the liaison to YSU and coordinate CCP efforts within the high school. District CCP coordinators are required to attend a yearly meeting reviewing program policy and procedure. View additional responsibilities on our District CCP Coordinator webpage.

High school teachers, or CCP instructors, provide classroom instruction and may assist district CCP coordinators with application, recruitment or information session processes. CCP instructors administer any department requested assessments and meet with YSU mentors. View additional responsibilities on our CCP Instructor webpage.

University academic department chairs approve CCP instructor applications, courses offered, and identify faculty to serve as mentors.

Faculty mentors ensure the CCP courses offer the same content, assessment, and pedagogy used on campus. The mentors help select, prepare, and support CCP instructors.

YSU staff builds partnerships with districts, helps recruit and orient students, generates and receives MOUs, applications, and registrations from the district CCP coordinators, and monitors all YSU processes. They serve as the liaison between academic departments and instructors to organize meetings and workshops, and communicate directly with district coordinators and/or instructors about all program issues.