CCP Benefits


  • On campus or online courses:
    • Expand course offerings with college courses not offered in the high school schedule
  • High school based courses:
    • Maintain the academic standards of the high school
    • Retain high-achieving students on high school campus
    • Expand access by removing barriers such as transportation to and from campus
    • University placement and department exams provide additional measures for teachers and districts
    • Cost effective compared to on campus tuition


  • Professional development and mentoring to help align their upper-level courses to meet the rigor and standards of first-year courses at the University
  • Part-time faculty status with possible opportunities to teach college classes on and off campus


  • Receive high school and college credit at the same time
  • Take classes in the high school, on campus or online
  • Earn credits from a research university, giving added prestige on college applications
  • For high school based courses, students do not have to leave campus or choose between activities and college classes; there are also no transportation or parking issues
  • Receive a YSU college transcript with credits that transfer to colleges in the University System of Ohio and possibly other public and private colleges


Research has shown that dual enrollment programs have a positive effect not only on high school graduation rates, but college enrollment rates, college grades and progress toward obtaining a college degree.