Being a College Student

What to Expect

Expect a faster pace, greater personal responsibility, and higher standards than you would in a typical high school course. Expect, also, that the other students in the course will share your high level of motivation.

Course Syllabus

The first step toward success in any college class is to carefully read the syllabus. In addition to assignments, a course syllabus will contain vital information on course expectations, instructor contact information, key dates, advising, and grading. Think of the syllabus as THE course roadmap.

Class Attendance

It is CRITICAL that you follow the attendance policy for your classes. Since the courses will move rather quickly, it is very easy to fall behind if you miss too many sessions.

If you must miss class, be sure to talk with your instructor about missed lectures, assignments and important notices. Your ability to make up missed work is at the discretion of your instructor.

Course Evaluation

You may be provided the opportunity to do a course evaluation on your courses. Course evaluations are done online with a link sent to your YSU email account about a month prior to finals week. The evaluation is confidential and your instructor does not see the results until after the start of the next semester.