Excellence @ Work: Research Professorships, Sabbaticals, FILs



Additive manufacturing, suicide, Shakespeare, machine learning, burying beetles, opioids, hybrid functional medical implants and “The Seven Deadly Sins in Spanish Dystopian Fiction” are among the topics that 23 YSU faculty members will explore during Research Professorships in the 2022-23 academic year:

  • Christopher Arntsen, Chemical and Biological Sciences, “Computational Investigation of the Charge Transfer Mechanism in Protic Ionic Liquids."
  • Ewelina Boczkowska, Dana School of Music, “Documenting Exile: Memory and Identity in the Music of Jerzy Fitelberg, A Monograph.”
  • Vamsi Borra, Engineering, “Additive Manufacturing of Microwave Imaging Antenna for Medical Applications.”
  • Kristin Bruns, Psychological Sciences and Counseling, “Suicide Competencies for Counselors in Training Scale.”
  • Laura Calcagni, Nursing, “Post-conference Debriefing Methods for Clinical Judgement Development in Nursing Students.”
  • Maria Conti Maravillas, English and World Languages, “A Stronger Teacher Because I Tutored First: Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Experiences with Online Teaching and Tutoring.”
  • Thomas Diggins, Chemical and Biological Sciences, “Quantification of a 'cultural refugium' from white-tailed deer over-browsing in eastern forests.”
  • Sahar Ehsani, Engineering, “A study on the collective effects of nutrient concentrations, water conditions, and geology on the spatial distribution and concentration of heavy metals in the Mahoning River.”
  • Kendra Fowler, Management and Marketing, “Social Media Influencers Collaborations.”
  • Timothy Francisco, English and World Languages, “Placing whiteness through Shakespeare’s Othello and “I’ the midst o’ the body”: Militarism, Posthumanism and Cyborg capitalism in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.”
  • Lucy Kerns, Mathematics and Statistics, “Quantitative Risk Assessment with Chemical Mixtures using Benchmark Dose Modeling.”
  • Alena Kirova, English and World Languages, “Moving Existing Research to Publication – Finding the Time.”
  • Seok Gi Lee, Engineering, “Predicting patients administered or prescribed opioids in emergency departments: a combinational optimization approach.”
  • Xiangjia Min, Chemical and Biological Sciences, “Comparative Analyses of Alternatively Spliced Genes in Different Plant Species.”
  • Nguyet Nguyen, Mathematics and Statistics, “Machine Learning Models for Pricing Car’s Insurance.”
  • Caroline Oltmanns, Music, “Theme and Variations, Passacaglias and Chaconnes.”
  • Diana Palardy, English and World Languages, “A World of Vices: The Seven Deadly Sins in Spanish Dystopian Fiction.”
  • Stefania Panaitof, Chemical and Biological Sciences, “Exploring the role of dopamine in biparental care in the burying beetles.”
  • Jae Joong Ryu, Engineering, “Manufacturing of Hybrid Functional Medical Implants: Influence of Forge Pressure on Dissimilar Laser Welded Joints.”
  • Bradley Shellito, Humanities and Social Sciences, “The Secret History of Youngstown.”
  • Constantin Solomon, Engineering, “Additive Manufacturing of DC magnetron sputtering targets: Influence of target characteristics on the thin film properties.”
  • Yogesh Uppal, Accounting and Finance, “Economic Performance and Opioid Crisis.”
  • Feng Yu, Computer Science, Information and Engineering Technology, “Developing a Fast Error Assessment Framework for Approximate Query Processing on Big Data.”

In addition, the following YSU faculty members have received Sabbaticals and Faculty Improvement Leaves for the 2022-23 academic year:


  • Thomas Madsen, Mathematics and Statistics.

Faculty Improvement Leaves:

  • Ganesaratnam Balendiran, Chemical and Biological Sciences.
  • Brian Bonhomme, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Kivie Cahn-Lipman, Dana School of Music.
  • Eleanor Congdon, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Ramesh Dangol, Management and Marketing.
  • Tomi Ovaska, Accounting and Finance.
  • Martha Pallante, Humanities and Social Sciences.