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Youngstown State University

The following scholarships are available for qualified international applicants. For more scholarship options, please browse and search through Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Website



International Applicants & Scholarships: What we look for and what to expect

Youngstown State University (YSU) seeks to admit a talented and academically prepared international student body. To that end, the International Programs Office makes International Scholarship Awards ranging from $1,000 - $5,000 per year. The scholarships are competitive. YSU awards scholarships to international students based on the following criteria:

International Scholarship Awards
Scholarship Value High School Gpa (us equivalent)


3.0 - 3.39

$2,500 3.4 - 3.69
$4,000 3.7 or higher

Documented rank of 1st in-class

YSU international admissions staff will review your application according to the timelines below:

Application Timelines
Steps Spring Start fall early action fall regular decision int'l transfer (fall entry)
Application Deadline Nov. 1 Feb. 15 May 1 April 1
Notification Rolling, by Nov. 15 Rolling, by March 15 Rolling, by June 1 May 1
Enrollment Confirmation Due Jan. 1 May 30 June 30 June 1

The 2022 international scholarship budget is being finalized. The 2022 scholarship offering will be announced shortly.

  • Additional Information About International Scholarships
    • Scholarships are per-year awards that may be awarded/renewed for up to a maximum of 4 years**.
    • Regardless of whether a student begins in Spring or Fall, international scholarships will always begin in the fall semester. In other words, students who begin in Spring semester will not receive an international scholarship award until Fall, and therefore must be prepared to pay full tuition for the Spring semester.
    • Well-qualified students admitted under Spring Start, Fall Early Action, and Fall Regular Decision will have their application materials evaluated by the YSU international admissions staff, and an admissions and scholarship decision will be provided to you by the Notification date indicated above.
    • Applicants who are admitted with an international scholarship award must confirm their plans to enroll and accept their scholarship by the “Enrollment Confirmation Due” date listed in the chart above or the scholarship award may be withdrawn.
    • International Scholarships are for first-time freshman applicants only.
    • Interviews: Interviews are not a requirement for admission or scholarship. YSU’s Overseas Representatives as well as YSU International Programs Office Admissions Staff have designated times to interview applicants. Interviews can be scheduled here: www. ________
    • For applicants with a minimum 26 ACT / 1240 SAT score(s), you may be eligible to apply to YSU’s Sokolov Honor’s College. Students who are admitted to the Honor’s College may be eligible for additional scholarships. You can find more information here:

    ** YSU may adjust international scholarship awards based upon the availability of funding sources.



    1) For international freshmen only:

Value minimum criteria renewal
  • $1,000 honors tuition renewable up to 4 years 

  • $2,000 honors housing renewable up to 2 years

  • If renewed for full four years, estimated value for tuition is $4,000.
    If renewed for up to two years, estimated value for housing is $4,000

  • 26 ACT or 1240 SAT

  • 3.5 GPA

  • 24 credit hours per academic year

  • Minimum 12 hours per term

  • 3.0 overall GPA

(Please visit the YSU Honors College website for details on how to apply. Eligible students must submit a separate application to the Honors College to be considered for scholarships.)

Please note: You must be admitted by the International Programs Office and have activated your YSU email to be able to apply to the Honors College.

    2) For Current and Transfer Students

            Please visit the YSU Honors College website for details. 


Honors College




Please check Transfer Student Scholarships for details.

Eligibility and Deadline: For admitted international transfer students to be considered for this scholarship, you must turn in your official college transcript(s) by the first day of International Student Orientation of your first enrolled semester.  For International Student Orientation Dates, check Admitted International Students; For official transcript submission, check How to submit official Credentials.

Scholarship Information
Contact Information: Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, 330-941-3505


Please visit Youngstown State Athletics Staff Directory to contact coaches for scholarship information directly. 

5. FERNDALE FOUNDATION, INC. SCHOLARSHIP (students from central american countries may be eligible)



Scholarship for current International Students: The Stephen and Brigitta S. Hanzley International Scholarship was established in 2000. It awards up to $1000 financial assistance for one year, renewable through selection, to undergraduate international students studying at Youngstown State University.

For more scholarships information, please visit Financial Aid and Scholarships website.

7. Graduate Scholarship 

Please visit Graduate Scholarships for detailed information. 


External Scholarships