BSAS in Criminal Justice - Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Science, Criminal Justice (Generalist Track) online degree includes the following requirements:

The program is an online degree completion program.

  • The target student has at least an associate degree in Criminal Justice, though other students with criminal justice credits may find the program suitable to their needs.
  • Students from Lakeland and Lorain County Community Colleges wishing to participate in the Criminal Justice partnership program with Youngstown State University should not register for this program but register for the partnership.

The degree requires a total of 120 credit hours from combined sources, including the online degree program and courses transferred into the program.

  • The major requires at least 57 required and elective hours in Criminal Justice from combined sources. A total 36 credits in the major are available online.
  • The student may have to complete additional online courses to fulfill general education requirements and university electives.
  • All development courses such as ENGL 1539/1540, RSS 1510A/1510B, MATH 1500/1501/1504 do not count toward degree requirements.

Students completing the program at an Ohio Police Officers' Training Academy are eligible for up to 16 credit hours that can be applied to departmental or university electives. Students completing other police or correctional training programs must inquire to determine equivalencies.

Military and veterans may receive credits through an ACE transcript.

Individuals with police or correctional experience may receive additional credits through a Prior Learning Assessment.

Individuals with training or work experience in law enforcement or corrections may be eligible for credits through Prior Learning Assessment.

Every online Criminal Justice course is not available every semester. See the online course rotation.

No minor is required for this major.

Only the department’s generalist track is available online.

To continue enrollment in the major, a GPA of 2.0 must be maintained.

Courses in the major require a grade of "C" or better.

Courses taken under the Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) option may not be counted toward the major. (You must confer with your advisor before electing this option. Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for more information.)


1. Criminal Justice Courses
Catalog # Course Name S.H.
Required Criminal Justice courses not offered in online degree completion program - 12 credits. These courses eligible for substitution may be offered on an occasional basis.
CJFS 2601 Policing 3
CJFS 2603 Corrections 3
CJFS 3719 Criminal Law 3
CJFS 3735 Crime and Delinquency 3
Required Criminal Justice courses offered in online degree completion program - 15 credits. Offered every Fall and Spring semester unless specified.
CJFS 2602 Criminal Courts (offered fall only) 3
CJFS 3710 Social Statistics 3
CJFS 3712 Criminal Justice Research 3
CJFS 3715 Criminal Justice Management Concepts 3
CJFS 4800 Senior Seminar 3
Elective Criminal Justice courses offered in online completion program - 30 credits required - 24 available online. Offered at least one time per year.
CJFS 3637 Criminal Victimization 3
CJFS 3752 Race, Ethnicity and Crime in America 3
CJFS 3700 Forensic Fire and Explosives Investigation 3
CJFS 3740 Criminal Justice Information Systems 3
CJFS 4851 Women in Justice 3
CJFS 5831 Violence in America 3
CJFS 4850E Terrorism and Countersurveillance 3
CJFS 4850F History of Corrections 3
At least 6 elective credits must be transferred into the program. Graduates of an Ohio Police Officers' Training Academy can receive 16 credit hours for completion.
2. General Education courses
Basic Skills: Course Name S.H.

ENGL 1550 - Writing 1 AND

ENGL 1551 - Writing 2



Speech CMST 1545 - Communication Foundations 3
Quantitative MATH 2623 - Quantitative Reasoning 3
3. Knowledge Domains
Domain Course Information S.H.

Natural Science

Two courses from the approved list -- at least one must be a lab* 7
Arts &
Humanities (AH)

PHIL 2625 - Introduction to Professional Ethics OR

PHIL 2627 - Law and Criminal Justice Ethics



Social Science

CJFS 1500 - Introduction to Criminal Justice AND

SOC 1500 - Introduction to Sociology



Social & Personal
Awareness (SPA)
2 courses from approved list * 6

Other General

PSYC 1560 - General Psychology

HAHS - First Year Experience Course



4. University Electives

University Electives - 23-25 Credits

(Click here for course descriptions.)