Cost Cutting Strategies

  1. Purchase used books if available. If a book is an old edition it may still be used if there hasn’t been any significant change.
  2. Get your required books at the library if they are available and renew them when necessary. Most libraries have one or two copies of the class books in their inventory. *State Universities can use Ohio Link to access interlibrary loans from any other state of Ohio university library.
  3. Shop around. You can often buy books online or at a non-university bookstore at a significant discount. 
    Some of the Internet sites that you can purchase books on are:,,,, Student Market,, Barnes and Noble
    Some of the Internet sites that you can swap or sell books on are:
    Textswap and Bookswap
  4. If any book looks like it may be optional, wait for the class to begin and check with your professor to see if all the books on your booklist are actually required. Another option is to return unnecessary books.
  5. Sell back your books at the end of the term and save this money toward your purchase of books next term. Book buyers are usually at the university bookstore at posted times during finals week.