Transition to College

The following is information provided for incoming students to assist with the transition process to university life:


Differences Between High School and University Services for Students with Disabilities:


High School:

  • The school identifies students with disabilities.
  • The school will often conduct testing and assessments of learning disabilities.
  • Parents or guardians are involved with accommodation and placement decisions.
  • The school structures the student’s academic schedule.
  • The school prepares the IEP/504 Plan (Individual Education Plan).
  • The student may be in a separate class.
  • All teachers are informed of the student’s IEP or other disability.


  • The student is responsible for seeking out the CSP Disability Services office and requesting assistance.
  • Many universities do not provide any testing services for learning disabilities.
  • The student is responsible for providing the CSP Disability Services office with current documentation of an existing disability.
  • The university will inform the student of privacy and confidentiality issues surrounding his/her disability status as well as his/her rights and responsibilities.
  • The university makes the determination of appropriate accommodations after evaluating and assessing the documentation.
  • The student will be provided with an accommodation letter, which is the student’s responsibility to present to each of his/her professors.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ask for assistance and learn the various services that exist on the campus.
  • The university will make reasonable adjustments to teaching methods, which do not alter the essential requirements of the course or program.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to organize his/her schedule.
  • There aren’t special classes for students with disabilities; students with disabilities are in classes with all other students.
  • Course work requirements are the same for all students.
  • Parents are not involved with decisions about accommodations or course work; college students are emancipated adults.


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