Mechanical Engineering MSE

NASA, Boeing, Apple, Google — they're ready for you. Enroll in our Mechanical Engineering master's program and show today's top technical companies you're ready for them.

What You'll Study

The Mechanical Engineering master's program prepares you to understand the impact of engineering in a global, societal and environmental context.

You have a choice between three concentrations—technical, managerial and interdisciplinary. The technical concentration is perfect if you are hoping to strengthen your theoretical knowledge and ability to solve advanced engineering problems. The managerial option allows you to add the training into your degree to prepare you for a future in management, while the interdisciplinary concentration gives you a bit of civil, electrical and chemical engineering. Each department will work cooperatively with you to provide you with the best education possible.

Labs and facilities give you the hands-on experience necessary to build skills needed for a mechanical engineering career.


  • Mechanical Engineering MSE

    You can choose either a capstone or thesis option. Both options provide you with a well-rounded knowledge for your career. You'll also have the option of three concentrations:

    • Technical Concentration
    • Managerial Concentration
    • Interdisciplinary Concentration


    Program Overview
    Admission Requirements