Mathematics MS

Earn your master's in Mathematics through a program flexible enough to advance your individual career goals, whether it's a top position in finance, computer science, government or education.

What You'll Study

In a data-driven world, you hold the key to making sense of it all.

The master's program in Mathematics from Youngstown State gives you the edge for a career in almost any industry as an expert in analyzing the numbers that mean the difference between success and failure to a company. Depending on your focus, you'll be the lead research analyst on the next Apple operating system update. Or the mathematician calculating the likelihood of accidents to inform insurance companies. Or the professor mentoring the next John Forbes Nash.

With faculty experts in areas including computational neuroscience and partial differential equations—to name a few—and the University's extensive computing facilities, the graduate program offers a well-rounded core curriculum with targeted options for specializing.

The Master of Science in Mathematics program consists of a sequence of recommended courses for depth. The sequences offered depend on upon student interest.

Program Overview
Admission Requirements


  • Predoctoral Studies in Mathematics Option

    Recommended courses include those within Abstract Algebra, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis and Topology sequences as well as Mathematical Foundations.


  • Statistics Option

    Recommended courses include those within the Advanced Data Analysis and the Mathematical Statistics sequences.


  • Actuarial Science Option

    In this concentration, recommended courses include those within the Actuarial Mathematics sequence, Mathematical Statistics sequence and Linear Models. For the elective requirement, the Finance and Economics sequences are recommended.


  • Applied Mathematics Option

    Courses in at least four of the following sequences are recommended: Advanced Data Analysis, Differential Equations, Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Analysis and Operations Research.


  • Secondary/Community College Mathematics Option

    Recommended courses include those within Differential Geometry. Choose from a number of courses for your elective, including: Combinatorics, Number Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Complex Analysis, Economics, Finance and more.

    For this concentration, it's recommended you also work with an education advisor.


  • Computer Science Option

    If you choose this option, you will plan your program in consultation with both mathematics and computer science advisors. The recommended courses include those within Mathematical Foundations, the Combinatorics and Number Theory sequences, and upper-division computer science courses.


  • Individualized Study Option

    If you have a career goal not addressed by other program options, you can work with an advisor and the Graduate College to create an individualized concentration.


Internships and Jobs


  •  Youngstown State University: Graduate, research and teaching assistantships
  •  Northwest Research Associates
  •  Falcon Transport Co.
  •  ISO, Insurance Services Office


  •  Microsoft
  •  Dell Services
  •  JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  •  EDS, a Hewlett-Packard Company
  •  Warner Bros. Entertainment Group
  •  Turning Technologies
  •  University and high school mathematics programs


One More Thing

Being in the YSU master's in math program has helped me to understand a lot of theories and has broadened my scope of knowledge far beyond what I knew from back home in Ghana."

Flora Opoku Asantewaa, Mathematics Graduate Student