Forensic Science Major

We're the only Ohio university to offer a crime scene lab for our students to learn and grow. Hands-on experience begins here.  

What You'll Study

Forensic scientists interpret evidence obtained from the scene of a crime. They often identify suspects through tiny traces of scientific evidence. Their research is a difference-maker in acquitting the innocent or convicting the guilty.

We're also set up for more practical experiences. Fingerprinting and blood pattern analysis can be done in our labs. 

Our students also get the opportunity to integrate academic studies with the daily operations of a forensic science related facility through our required internship program* their senior year. Each of the required six semester hours translates to 45 on-site hours in the field. 

All Forensic Science majors take courses to complete the general degree requirements. You also choose one of the following three tracks to enhance your degree:


  • Anthropology Track

    Often in fatal crimes or other serious disasters, a person's remains need to be identified. Forensic anthropology focuses on identifying deceased individuals.

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  • Biology Track

    The Biology track is ideal for students who are interested in DNA analysis, pathology, trace evidence or crime scene investigation.

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  • Chemistry Track

    The Chemistry track is ideal for students focusing on toxicology, ballistics, drug chemistry or some types of trace evidence analysis. 

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