Electrical Engineering Major

Electrical engineers light up the world. Literally. They're also the brains behind most of the technology we use every day, from communication systems to GPS. Explore our major in Electrical Engineering.

What You'll Study

Through the Electrical Engineering program at Youngstown State University, you'll develop competency in all aspects of electrical engineering and its related fields. You'll take coursework anchored in engineering, math and physics that will allow you to solve complex problems and design intricate systems. Along the way, you'll also refine your communication skills and learn how to ethically and responsibly deploy your engineering skills.

Electrical engineers have homes in a large assortment of industries, from power generation and automotive manufacturing to biomedical development and consumer product design. You may even find yourself using your engineering expertise to serve your country in the military.

With your bachelor's degree in hand, you'll be the person advancing the products and systems that advance society.

Master of Science in Engineering available for this major. 

Design projects, computer simulation and hands-on laboratory sessions are the pillars of the Electrical Engineering major at YSU. Students enrolled in the program may choose from three options that prepare graduates for a large variety of professional positions or advanced studies:


  • Traditional Option

    This option requires a total of 124 semester hours, including 55 hours of electrical engineering and nine hours of other engineering courses in addition to the standard math, science, writing and speech, and general education courses. 124 Credit Hours

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  • Computer/Digital Option

    Students interested in the Computer/Digital option will graduate with a total of 131 semester hours. The curriculum is more heavily focused on computer engineering/science courses with a solid backbone of electrical engineering courses. 131 Credit Hours

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  • Biomedical Option

    For students who want to tailor their degree to a future in the biomedical industry, this option includes 32 hours of science courses (including biology and organic chemistry) in addition to electrical engineering and other required coursework for a total of 129 semester hours. 129 Credit Hours

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Internships and Jobs


  •  Raytheon
  •  Nissan
  •  General Motors
  •  The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  •  Innovar Systems Limited
  •  CMI Electric Furnace Company
  •  Cook Pharmica
  •  GE Lighting
  •  Delphi
  •  First Energy


  •  Apple
  •  Delphi
  •  Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
  •  Harley-Davidson Motor Company
  •  FirstEnergy
  •  American Electric Power
  •  Westinghouse Electric Company
  •  Bechtel Corporation
  •  General Electric
  •  NASA


One More Thing

It's a fun and exciting program within a fascinating field, and it gives you excellent opportunities to collaborate and network with other students and employers."

Brent Cole, Class of 2016