Computing and Information Systems MCIS

Gain in-depth knowledge in databases, application development, computer security and more through our master's program in Computing and Information Systems.

What You'll Study

The master's degree offers research-based courses to expand your knowledge in the CIS field.

The program concentrates on key applications of computing so you're ready for the real world. Advance your skills and knowledge in working with large-scale design, database design, computer networking, web development, data mining, cloud computing, application development and computer security. And through an introductory seminar, you have the opportunity to meet faculty and explore their research areas to make the decision easier when it comes to choosing an advisor for your capstone or thesis project.

You'll continue working with your professors performing cutting-edge computing research in areas like: data mining, facial recognition, computer security, computer game design and medical imaging.


Post-Baccalaureate Certificates