Civil and Construction Engineering Technology Major

Do you love to see your projects come to life? Want to walk through a newly completed building and be able to say "I was part of that"? Explore our major in Civil and Construction Engineering Technology.


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    Academic Year 2019-20 Academic Year 2020-21 Academic Year 2021-22 Academic Year 2022-23
    20 14 9 7



What You'll Study

With courses ranging from calculus and structural design to construction management and soil mechanics, you will be fully equipped to step onto the job site with confidence in your skills as a project planner, specification wizard and cost estimator. You can literally build a city from the ground up!

Along the way, you'll pick up valuable communication skills that will serve you well in a professional environment—because a plan only works when everyone's on the same page.

You'll graduate with an expertise in projects involving buildings, roads, dams, bridges, airports and wastewater treatment facilities, making you an attractive candidate for jobs with government agencies, engineering consultants, architectural firms or contractors. In fact, the vast majority of our graduates have full-time, permanent positions in their field prior to graduation.


Internships and Jobs


  •  G. Stephens Inc.
  •  Nucor
  •  Great Lakes Construction
  •  Ohio Department of Transportation
  •  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  •  Local county engineer's offices
  •  Lindy Paving


  •  Ohio Department of Transportation
  •  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  •  Cafaro Co.
  •  Nucor
  •  United States Army Reserve
  •  Vulcraft
  •  Local County Engineer's offices


One More Thing

The Civil and Construction Engineering Technology bachelor's program honestly gets you greatly prepared for working within the construction industry."

Sydney DeMarco, Class of 2016