Chemical Engineering Major

Make your mark on the world. Develop life-saving drugs, improve the quality of the nation's food supply and invent cleaner types of energy. And do it all with a degree in chemical engineering.

What You'll Study

You will find chemical engineers working in nearly every industry in the world. That's because the coursework for a bachelor's degree includes a broad range of math, science and engineering courses designed to prepare graduates to work effectively on interdisciplinary teams in a professional environment.

You'll develop expertise in conducting experiments, analyzing data and solving engineering problems. The program also prepares you to design systems, components and processes with realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social political, ethical, health and safety and sustainability concerns.

Through the Chemical Engineering program, you'll be an asset to companies in a variety of industries, including:

  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Healthcare
  •  Manufacturing and construction
  •  Food processing
  •  Microelectronics
  •  Biotechnology
  •  Environmental health and safety

Many graduates of the program also go on to graduate study.

Master of Science in Engineering available for this major. 


  • Chemical Engineering Major

    With courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics and general engineering, the Chemical Engineering major provides a broad preparation for design, operation and management in the chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and energy-conversion industries.

    The curriculum may easily be modified for students whose career objectives lie in environmental, polymer, biochemical or biomedical engineering.

    Course Listing

Internships and Jobs


  •  NASA
  •  Delphi
  •  General Motors
  •  GE Lighting
  •  Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation
  •  RTI International Metals
  •  Goodyear


  •  Praxair
  •  The Lubrizol Corporation
  •  Flow Polymers, LLC
  •  MillerCoors
  •  United States Patent and Trademark Office
  •  Dominion
  •  Covestro/Bayer MaterialScience


One More Thing

A degree in chemical engineering provides you with the necessary skills to problem solve, analyze a situation and think critically. With the field being so broad, the opportunities are endless!"

Hailey A. Sullivan, Class of 2017