Admission and Advising

The technical standards set forth by the YSU Athletic Training Program establish the essential qualities considered necessary for students admitted to this program to achieve the knowledge, skills and competencies of an entry-level athletic trainer as well as to meet the expectations of the program’s accrediting agency (Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education).

Compliance with the program’s technical standards does not guarantee a student’s eligibility for the Board of Certification (BOC) exam. The following abilities and expectations must be met by all students admitted to the program. In the event a student is unable to fulfill these technical standards, with or without reasonable accommodation, the student will not be permitted to begin the clinical education component of the program.

Candidates for selection to the Athletic Training Program must demonstrate:

  1. The mental capacity to assimilate, analyze, synthesize, integrate concepts, and problem solve to formulate assessment and therapeutic judgements and to be able to distinguish deviations from the norm.
  2. Sufficient postural and neuromuscular control, sensory function, and coordination to perform appropriate physical examinations using accepted techniques; and accurately, safely and efficiently use equipment and materials during the assessment and treatment of patients.
  3. The ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and colleagues, including individuals from different cultural and social backgrounds; this includes, but is not limited to, the ability to establish rapport with patients and communicate judgement and treatment information effectively. Students must be able to understand and speak the English language consistent with competent professional practice.
  4. The ability to record the physical examination results and a treatment plan clearly and accurately.
  5. The capacity to maintain composure and continue to function well during periods of high stress.
  6. The perseverance, diligence, and commitment to complete the athletic training education program as outlined and sequenced.
  7. Flexibility and the ability to adjust to changing situations and uncertainty in clinical situations.
  8. Affective skills and appropriate demeanor and rapport that relate to professional education and quality patient care.

Candidates for selection to the Athletic Training Program will be required to verify that they understand and meet these technical standards or that they believe that, with reasonable accommodations, they can meet the standards. The Youngstown State University Center for Student Progress Disability Services will evaluate a student who states he/she could meet the program’s technical standards with accommodation and confirm that the stated condition qualifies as a disability under applicable laws.

If a student states he/she can meet the technical standards with accommodation, then the University will determine whether it agrees that the student can meet the technical standards with reasonable accommodation as required by law.

  • How to Apply

    The application process for the YSU Athletic Training Program is a comprehensive one. Below are the tools and information you will need to complete the process. For assistance, questions, or needs regarding your application please contact:

    Jenifer Miller
    Department Secretary
    330-941-1904 / 330-941-2280 (fax)


    Jessica Wallace, PhD, AT, ATC
    Program Director

    Program Requirements

    Please view the requirements for entering the Athletic Training Program.

    Application Procedure:

    Please note that the application procedure is a 2-step process for students pursuing a post-baccalaureate master’s degree:

    1. Application to the Graduate School

    2. Submission of required documents to the Athletic Training Program (submitted through Graduate School Application).

    Please download the Application Procedure.

    Accelerated Track Application Form (to be completed by accelerated track students ONLY).

    Technical Standards

  • Clinical Field Work

    Students in the Master of Athletic Training program will be provided with the opportunity to gain clinical education experiences at the collegiate level, at local high schools, at sports medicine clinics, at local hospitals, physician offices, and at community and special events while enrolled in the Clinical Education I-IV courses. The clinical education gained in the four clinical rotations will count towards the total hours necessary to be eligible for graduation.

    In all clinical education rotations, students will be supervised by a qualified Clinical Preceptor associated with the Athletic Training Program. Students will be required to complete clinical education hours for academic credit while enrolled in the Clinical Education I-IV courses.

    The majority of the clinical education hours obtained by the Athletic Training student will be accumulated during team coverage that occurs between the hours of noon and 8:00pm, Monday through Friday. Athletic events also occur on the weekends so these clinical education rotations may include Saturday and Sunday events as well as traveling. Students are given comparable relief (days off) from clinical experiences during the academic year as compared to other student academic and student activities (i.e. athletics) offered by Youngstown State University or the clinical site. Students are not required to obtain clinical education hours when the University is closed.

    Clinical Hour Log

  • Advising

    Advising for the Prospective student:

    We want to help students shape their academic future in our program and make the most of your YSU experience. The Bitonte College of Health and Human Services Office of Student Services can guide prospective students interested in the Athletic Training Program and help you navigate through the admission and enrollment process.

    Advising for Current Master of Athletic Training Students:

    Once enrolled in the program, students will receive advising directly from the Athletic Training Faculty. Current students in need of advising assistance should contact:

    Jessica Wallace PhD, ATC
    307L Beeghly Center

  • For Transfer Students

    Students interested in transferring to the Athletic Training Program at Youngstown State University must meet all admission requirements. In accordance with the Youngstown State University Graduate School Transfer Credit Policy, the Athletic Training Program may accept a maximum of _ graduate credits (20% or less of the total required credits of graduate coursework) earned from another institution beyond a bachelor’s degree, subject to approval by the Program Director. Acceptance of transfer credits for a course is dependent upon the following provisions:

    The student received a grade of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale The course was taken at an accredited institution The course was relevant, as judged by the Program Director upon review of the course syllabus, to the Athletic Training Program The course is listed on an official transcript received by Graduate Admissions The course will be no older than 6 years at the time of graduation from the program.

    Students who have completed graduate athletic training coursework at another Athletic Training Program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) or students who have completed graduate credits from a non-CAATE accredited program may apply for transfer credit. Transfer credits will be reviewed by the program director on a case-by-case basis. The Program Director may request additional documentation to render a decision on transfer credits. Graduate credit is not awarded for life experiences.

    If admitted to the program, transfer students will be required to complete all courses in the prescribed sequence. Transfer students will be required to enroll in all of the clinical education courses.

  • For International Students

    Find information about International Admissions on our International Programs page.

  • Accreditation

    Youngstown State University is currently seeking accreditation for their new Athletic Training program and is not accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).  The institution will be submitting a self-study to begin the accreditation process on July 1, 2017. Submission of the self-study and completion of a site visit does not guarantee that the program will become accredited. Students that graduate from the program prior to accreditation WILL NOT be eligible to sit for the credentialing examination for athletic trainers and will not be eligible for licensure in most states.