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Compose Review Of Writing

Writing Contest for Composition in ENGL 1539, ENGL 1540, ENGL 1550, ENGL 1551.

From the Beak About the CROW

Writing well begins with asking effective questions of ourselves and of the world around us. In writing as in music, to compose measns to lead an audience from intriguing beginning to enlightening conclusion.

Writing is an arrangement, an orchestration, which holds together our ideas with tone, theme, contrasts, and harmonies specific to us. This collection of Youngstown State University undergraduate student writing recognizes the curiosity, the analysis, the power and the elegance that make a strong piece writing. We have included works from all levels of YSU's general education composition courses.

We encourage future submissions, and we advocate for students to take pride in their work and in their talents. Our intent is to celebrate a continuum of student writing.


Without your daily effort in the classroom, CROW could not exist. We invite you to celebrate your hard work and accomplishments with us!

Submit works completed in

  • English 1539
  • English 1540
  • English 1550, 1550(H)
  • English 1551, 1551(H)

5 Steps to submission

  1. Select a piece of your work that makes you proud
  2. Ask your instructor for a submission form from the English Department (2nd Floor Debartolo Hall), or pick up a form at the writing Center (Rm 171 Maag Library), or download a copy at Writing Center page
  3. Print three copies of your work with your name and your instructor's name removed
  4. Email a digital copy to
  5. Turn in your printed copies and application to your instructor, or drop them off at the English Department or Writing Center

Win Prizes! Build your resume!
See your work Published!

Crow Submission Deadline: June 1

What can you Submit?

Any graded assignment showcasing your writing

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Reading Responses
  • PowerPoints/Prezis
  • Group Projects
  • Blogs/Journals

If CROW selects your work

You will:

  • Be published in an online and/or print university publication
  • Be recognized during National Day on Writing celebrations in October


The CROW Committee


Dr. Lew Caccia
Assistant PRofessor

Karen Shubert
Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Ana Wetzl
Adjunct Faculty

Angela Messenger
WC Coordinator

Andrew Donofrio

Other Volunteers from the YSU English Department and the Writing Center