Student in Writing CenterWithout the daily effort of students and instructors, CROW could not exist. That said, we invite all members of the YSU general education composition community to share, and to celebrate, their hard work and accomplishments with us!

Students may submit works completed in:

  • English 1509
  • English 1539
  • English 1540
  • English 1550, 1550 (H), 1550 (C)
  • English 1551, 1551 (H)

This includes College Credit Plus courses.

Students may submit any graded assignment any graded assignment that showcases their work in composition courses at YSU.

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Reading responses
  • PowerPoints/Prezis
  • Group projects
  • Blogs/Vlogs/Journals

5 Steps to Submission

Writing Center

  1. Select a piece of your work that makes you proud.
  2. Ask your instructor for a submission form or pick up a form at the Writing Center in room 171 at Maag Library.
  3. Drop off your printed copies to your instructor, the English Department, or the Writing Center. Email a digital copy to

Crow Review Process

Work submitted by students undergoes a double blind review process. The names of the students and their instructors are removed from submitted documents. Therefore, our reviewers do not know the names of the composers. Likewise, students are not made aware of the names of our reviewers. Our voluntary reviewers are comprised of YSU composition instructors, Composition Placement Test (CPT) readers as well as Writing Center tutors. At least two reviewers, evaluate each individual submission. For all students interested in submitting for next year's CROW publication, the submission deadline is June 1, 2017. In other words, any assignments completed during the Summer and Fall 2016 semesters or the Spring 2017 semester are eligible to be selected for publication in the 2017 addition of CROW.