Student's Perspective on Helpful Apps

  • Daylio
    This app is super fun and colorful so it immediately grabs your attention when you download it. It lets you track things like social, hobbies, sleep, food, health, better mind and chores so it's a very diverse app. It also allows daily notification and every day when you go on the app it has you review your day and log your day and mental health.

  • Stop Breathe and Think
    I believe this is a great app for someone who suffers from anxiety or has a need to escape for a few minutes. It has cute and fun characters and the bonus of being able to unlock certain meditations is a cool feature. Also in the beginning it had a detailed but simple quiz and I believe that sets it apart from other meditation apps. Better resources, more personalized and free.

  • Sanvello
    This is an app I use and it has a personal quiz that lets you pick a theme for your app then it lets you choose self goals. The app is super secure by keeping your information private and everytime you go to the app it gives you a daily check in to record your mental health.

  • ACT Coach
    It is a free app that is recommended for Veterans and helps to overcome the difficulties/struggles of life. It has the options to learn, practice mindfulness, live your values, track your ACT moments, and Take ACTion. I believe it is definitely an app to look at.

  • Mindfulness Coach
    Mindfulness Coach is another Veteran related app that I find will be helpful. You can learn about meditation, track your progress, and build experience. I believe it’s a beneficial app but also know that all apps aren’t right for everyone.

  • Virtual Hope Box

    The Virtual Hope Box is personally my favorite from the apps and sites I viewed. In this app, you can add pictures, videos, messages, songs and quotes to review for when you are stressed or have negative thoughts. This app is only for iPhones and requires a touch ID to access the app.


    Virtual Hope Box – It has 5 different areas (remind me, distract me, inspire me, relax me, and coping tools). The distract me option provides games such as sudoku, photo puzzle, word search, and mahjong solitaire. The inspire me has a quote in it to inspire you. The relax me tab provides controlled breathing, muscle relaxation, and guided meditation exercises. The coping tools enables you to create coping cards and activity planner. I think the overall app is pretty nice and its free which makes it better than others.