Summer Festival of the Arts 2019 Artists

Artist information Media Sample

Anderson, Laurie J. — Artistic Designs by Laurie — Mineral Ridge, Ohio


Laurie Anderson's painting of a mountainside with a lake and walking path

Antonetti, Mary — Nautilus Creations — Zelienople, Pennsylvania

Fine Crafts

Gold handmade necklace

Ardinger, Tracy — Crestview Artisans — Leetonia, Ohio

Jewelry, Fibers/textiles

A beaded braclet with orange and yellow beads


Armeni, Tony — Armeni Sculpture — Youngstown, Ohio


Barko, Bob, Jr. — Steel Town Studios — Youngstown, Ohio


A carousel design with a timeline along the bottom

Bell, Robert & Elena — Beautifull Bags — Munroe Falls, Ohio


A tan purse with pink and purple flowers embroidered on the front

Beltz, Liz — The Dragon Smith — Niles, Ohio


A metal knife and knife case

Bertanzetti, Linda Ann Marie — L.A.M.B. Handwoven Rugs — Columbiana, Ohio


A handwoven rug with red, blue, black, and white fibers woven into it

Blackburn, Gary — Youngstown, Ohio


A painting of an eclipse


Bond, Elaine & Frye, Patti — Not Sisters Two — Etters, Pennsylvania


Textiles with clocks


Calevro, Andrea — Mystical Creations — Millbury, Ohio

Wax Candles, Tarts & Fairy Houses

A photo of a vendor booth titled 'Mystic Creations' that has fairy sculpture, wax candles, and tarts

Cardwell, Lynn — Lynn Cardwell Pottery — Youngstown, Ohio


Blue and gold clay vase

Catanzarite, Joey — Joey Catanzarite Studio — Cleveland, Ohio


Painting of woman

Cercone, Jody & Rosie — The Studio Workshop — Boardman, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

A display of clocks on a ladder

Coburn, John — Center Earth Pottery — Pegram, Tennessee

Clay (Primarily Functional)

A tall skinny vase with red, orange, and black paint

Cohn, Laura & Lutton, Jennifer — JLC Designs — Newton Falls, Ohio


Brown and Yellow Necklace

Cooper, Peggy — Pegasus Panache Creations — Wadsworth, Ohio


A black satchel with blue, tan abd pink silhouettes of buildings and a bird flying over

Cowan, Cindy — Aunt Tootsie's Crochets — Salem, Ohip


A colorful crocheted scarf


Cox, Matthew — McDonald, Ohio

Functional Clay

Clay pot

Crisan, Susan — Sandpiper Soap Company — Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Handmade Soaps

Three blocks of handmade soaps stacked on top of one another

Daugherty, Wendy — Silver Designs by Wendy — Youngstown, Ohio


Silver necklace with Words

Davidson, Tom & Nancy — Hubbard, Ohio

Clay (Primarily Functional)

A teapot made of clay

Dolata, Walter M. — W.D. Studio — Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Wood (Decorative)

Santa Claus sculptures made out of wood wearing different holiday and ethnic clothing

Duck, Willie Sr. — Will Duck Art — Youngstown, Ohio


A painting of Muhammad Ali posing in box stance

Ellis, Kristen — Galion, Ohio


Pair of pink earrings

Ellson, Monte — Big City Skylines — Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Computer Generated Drawings

A computer generated drawing of Madison, Wisconsin's skyline

Falibota, John & Marlene — Abstract Stained Glass — Youngstown, Ohio


A glass piece hanging from a window with a haunted lighthouse portrait

Fankhauser, Carolyn — Heartwood Collection — Canfield, Ohio

Tie Dye Clothing

Tie Dye Dress

Fiume, Brandon — Youngstown, Ohio


Cool photo of a Train


Fisher, Richard M. — Leetonia, Ohio


A sepia colored photograph of a train with the words Chesapeake & Ohio and 2700 painted on the sides

Fong, Alex — Suwanee, Georgia 

Mixed Media

Stitched flowers on a canvas

Gambassi, Diane — Treasures in Glass — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Glass, Jewelry

A glass jewelry box with a heart on top

George, Barbara & Edward Villabona — Phoebe Art — Poland, Ohio


Barbara George & Edward Villabona

Gurski, Steve & Kim — Fulgur & Bessemer Designs — East Canton, Ohio


A gold necklace with long flower petals as the decorative

Hoff, Michelle — South Dayton, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

Two purple teapots with a purple teacup

Karg, Christopher — Brookfield, Ohio

Clay (Primarily Functional)

A blue clay pot with a design etched in it

Kirby, Terry & Sharon — Spring Creek Psalteries — Massillon, Ohio

Psalteries/wood (functional)

A wooden string instrument

Kleiner, Gary — All Things Auto Art — Warren, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

Metal Ohio plate

Lanz, C. Scott — Lanzscape Photography, Ltd. — Youngstown, Ohio


A photo of the mill at Mill Creek Park in Youngstown Ohio during the fall with the leaves different colors

Little, Donna — Dkstudio — Greenville, Pennsylvania


Necklace made up of shells


Lowder, Susie — Budding Arts by Susie Lowder — Powell, Ohio

2D Mixed Media

Painting of field with flowers

Marksz, Bob — Kent, Ohio


A gold, black, and silver pendant

Martin, Tim — Sidney, Ohio


A sculpture of an ocean scene with a sea horse, crab, and turtle

Matherly, Barbara — Hooray for Crochet — Austintown, Ohio


A mannequin wearing a white handwoven head scarf

McGlathery, Marie — Paper Planet Wearables — Brecksville, Ohio

Jewelry (Recycled Material)

Necklace and earring set that is a combination of blues and tans with a starfish on the pendant

Moore, Beth — Sunburst Selections — Rogers, Ohio


A bracelet with a bird and flower charms tied on

Moynihan, Sarah & Guerrieri, Deanna — My Beverly Jewelry — Canfield, Ohio


Necklaces with colored pendants and flower designs

Mullen, Wendy — Love of Sparklynn — Cortland, Ohio


Key necklaces with flowers and butterfly wings designed onto the key

Nelson, Kimberly — Captured Light SGS — Atwater, Ohio

Stained Glass

Stained glass swans swimming

Ondash, Jeff — What a Great Gift — Canfield, Ohio


An owl and trees designed from metal

Pankuch, Megan — Bristolville, Ohio

Functional Clay

Blue Clay Pots

Peterson, Chandra — Chandra's Passions — N. Bloomfield, Ohio

Wood Carving

Hummingbird sculptures made out of wood

Poffenberger, Kirk — Design Studio — Salem, Ohio


Coasters with a drawing of Mill Creek Park on the surface

Pollack, Andrea — Windows in the Woods Workshop — Aurora, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

Three leaf plates that are painted green and vary in size from small to large

Putz, Lenny — Lifeline Images — N. Ridgeville, Ohio


A photograph of the ocean waves crashing against rocks

Rauschenbach, Daniel — Rauschenbach Art— Struthers, Ohio


Painting of a city landscape

Reese, Justin — JPR Studio — Youngstown, Ohio

Clay (Primarily Functional)

A bowl made from clay

Romaniw, Deby — Deby's Designs LLC — North Olmsted, Ohio


Multi-color triangle necklace

Salter, Diane — Keepsakes by Diane Salter — Erie, Pennsylvania

2D Mixed Media

Painting of a bird on a bike

Schneider, Larry — Naturewood Art — Carnegie, PA


Owl painting on wood

Segreti, Tracy — Youngstown, Ohio


A piece of artwork with pink, tan and, blue drops on the surface

Shaffer, Russ — Russ Shaffer Embossed Engraving — Wellsburg, West Virginia

2D Mixed Media

Sunset Painting

Shafron, David — Darbynwoods Fine Woodworking — South Euclid, Ohio

Wood (Functional)

Pot made out of wood

Shakour, Karen — Nature's Gifts — Seven Hills, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

Pendants and jewelry created with beads

Slebodnick, David — Youngstown, Ohio

2D Mixed Media

Painting of man in waves

Smith, Linda "Sorcie" — Facets of Light Jewelry — Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania


A gold ring with a white, blue, and green jewel


Smith, Veronica — Canfield, Ohio

Wood — Functional

Grass Pots


Stoll, Alex — Stainless Steel Art — Collins, Ohio

Sculpture (Stainless Steel)

A bronze sculpture of a flower with two butterflies on the petals

Takahashi, Lisette — Eardivine, LLC — Miami, Florida


Homemade Earring

Teets, Ralph & Joanne — Cutting Board Art — Girard, Ohio

Wood (Functional)

A short wooden table with different woods

Tompkins, Bob — Medina, Ohio


A photo of a blurry window overlooking a city street

Tresler, Melissa & Gary — Zim Woodworking — Mantua, Ohio

Wood (Functional)

Painted wooden flowers

Ujek, Emily — Emily Jean Christine Designs — Brecksville, Ohio


Green stone earrings with a silver backing

Umbaugh, Mary — Clay Connection — Hiram, Ohio

Clay (Primarily Functional)

Four tall clay pots with different designs

Votaw, Bryan — Melbry Woodwares — Salem, Ohio 

Wood (Functional)

Wooden Bowl


Webb, Stewart & Susan — ARTECO — Darlington, Pennsylvania

3D Mixed Media

An art decor piece with eight CPU sockets stacked atop another

Wentling, Ed — Bayou Blues Guitars — Farrell, Pennsylvania

Cigar Box Electric Guitars

A guitar made of wood

Yazvac, Noreen — North Lima, Ohio


A painting of a trail going through the woods

Zitello, Lisa & Brent — Fresh Prints Youngstown — Youngstown, Ohio

Printmaking, Fibers/textiles

A shirt with text that reads 'Just a kid from Youngstown'

Zeager, Julie & Dennis, Doug — Chalk Monkey Dyeworks — Cortland, Ohio

Fibers / Textiles

A Blue Scarf with a design


Zukas-Oguz, Evian — EvianZo Designs — Greenville, Pennsylvania


A woven dress with swirling designs and short sleeves