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Youngstown State University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Visit HLC Commission or call [312] 263-0456 for additional information about institutional accreditation.


Inception – Summer 1967 –  Semester System
Fall 1967 – Summer 2000 –  Quarter System
Fall 2000 – Present –  Semester System

Transcript Levels

Undergraduate, Graduate and/or Doctoral Semester level transcripts represent coursework earned between Fall 2000 to present. Pre-system summary hours are expressed in semester hours and represent quarter to semester conversion (Fall 1967 to Summer 2000).

Undergraduate, Graduate and/or Doctoral Quarter level transcript represent coursework earned between Fall 1967 to Summer 2000. Pre-system summary hours are expressed in quarter hours and represent semester to quarter conversion (pre-1967).

Transcript Validation

An official transcript is printed on security paper, bears the facsimile signature of the University Registrar, the Youngstown State University Seal and is dated. If photocopied, the word void will appear in the background.

Prior to F2000 F2000 to Present Level
500s 1500s Freshmen
600s 2600s Sophomore
700s 3700s Junior
800s 4800s Senior
800s 5800s Swing courses*
900s 6900s Graduate
1100s 8100s Doctoral
*Course can be taken at either undergraduate or graduate level.


Academic Standing – Undergraduate


There are four categories of academic standing: Good, Warning, Probation and Suspension.

Students in good standing as freshmen (1 to 31 total hours) must have a GPA of 1.75 or higher. Students with 32 or more total hours must have a GPA of 2.00 or higher.

Students on warning and who fail to bring up their GPA (1.75 for freshmen, 2.00 for all others) by the following term will be placed on probation. Students on probation and who fail to bring up their GPA will be placed on suspension. However, a student during a probationary term who averages a 2.00 for that term will continue on probation even though the student’s cumulative average does not reach the minimum.

Academic Forgiveness

Statute of Limitations Policy
Upon the completion of specific requirements, YSU grants academic forgiveness to Youngstown State University students with failing grades. Courses approved for forgiveness appear on transcript with a grade notation of SA, SB, SC, SCR, SD, SF and SNC and are excluded from the GPA calculation.

Grade Explanation Quality Pts.
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Below average 1
F Failure 0
AU Audit 0
AUW Audit. Failure to meet attendance requirements. 0
CR Credit 0
CRX Credit by exam 0
I Incomplete 0
NC No Credit 0
NG No grade 0
PR Progress grade 0
RA Course Repetition 4
RB Course Repetition 3
RC Course Repetition 2
RD Course Repetition 1*
RF Course Repetition 0*
S Satisfactory 0
SA Statute of Limitations 0
SB Statute of Limitations 0
SC Statute of Limitations 0
SCR Statute of Limitations 0
SD Statute of Limitations 0
SF Statute of Limitations 0
SNC Statute of Limitations 0
U Unsatisfactory 0
UA Grad in Undergrad course 0**
UB Grad in Undergrad course 0**
UC Grad in Undergrad course  0**
UCR Grad in Undergrad course 0**
UCX Grad in Undergrad course 0**
UD Grad in Undergrad course 0**
UF Grad in Undergrad course 0**
W Withdrew 0
* Effective Fall 1982 only repetitions of D and F coursework are permitted.
**Graduate students enrolled in undergraduate courses received no credit toward GPA. Effective Summer 2008, these grades are no longer used.


Rev. 07/14/2008