Rosters and Final Grades

Faculty can access roster information and final grade submission 24/7 via the Penguin Portal as long as they have an internet connection. The Penguin Portal Banner Self-Service option will display real-time class roster information and enable the submission of final grades online during the designated timeframes of the term.


Accessing Your Course in Banner:

To see your roster, direct your web browser to the Penguin Portal.

  1. Enter your directory account ID, i.e. username, and password (Same as your e-mail)
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Banner Self Service under e-Services for Faculty and Staff
  4. Click Faculty and Advisors under the Main Menu or the grey Faculty Services tab above the menu.
  5. Click Term Selection
    • It is very important to select the appropriate term before completing any other processes. The term selected will be used for all term-related pages you select to view unless you select another term.
  6. Select the desired term; click Submit
  7. To display assigned course(s); click CRN Selection under Faculty Menu Options
  8. Select course (CRN); click Submit
  • The CRN List displays the course(s) that the faculty member has been assigned to teach.
  • The main menu redisplays after the course has been selected.
  • The main menu also redisplays after each selected term, course, etc.


To View Class Roster:

Follow steps 1-8 under accessing your course in Banner; then click either Summary Class List (Roster) or Detail Class List (Detailed Roster).

  • The Summary Class List displays course and enrollment information as well as basic information about the students enrolled—including the e-mail link for each student and the entire class. This link works with your desktop e-mail client (i.e., Outlook, etc.).
  • The Detailed Class List, or Detailed Roster, can be viewed and accessed through the Faculty services menu or the Detail Class List link under the Summary Class List display, as shown.


To Submit Final Grades:

Follow steps 1-8 under accessing your course in Banner; then click Final Grades from the main menu (you can also access the final grade submission page via the Student Summary roster by choosing enter under the Final column). Select from the drop-down menu, the appropriate grade for each student; click Submit. To save the grades you entered, you must click the Submit button before leaving the page.

  • Instructors have until the grade submission deadline (see below) to submit grades, however policy states that final grades should be submitted 48 hours after the final exam.
  • Not submitting final grades according to the deadlines can cause many students delays in graduating, receiving financial aid, etc.
  • There is a three-hour (180 minutes) inactivity time. If you do not submit (save) your grades within that timeframe, the data that you entered will be lost.
  • You can continue to submit/save grades throughout the designated timeframe for processing grades each term (see deadlines listed below). Once grades have rolled to academic history (indicated by a "Y" in the Rolled column), all grade changes must be submitted via the paper grade change form and sent to the Records Office in Meshel Hall.
  • The grade of NG is used for 0 credit lab courses.


If you are the primary instructor for a course and cannot access the final grades list to submit your grades, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (330) 941-2217. For Penguin Portal technical assistance, including resetting your password, please contact the Tech Desk at (330) 941-1595.


Final Grade Submission Deadlines:

Final Grade Submission Dates
Term Grading Opens Grade Submission Deadline Students Can View Grades on Penguin Portal
Spring 2019 (1st eight-weeks) March 6, 2019 March 18, 2019 by 9:00am or May 13, 2019 by 9:00am March 18, 2019 PM
Spring 2019 (Full, Workshops, 2nd eight-weeks) May 2, 2019 May 13, 2019 by 9:00am May 13, 2019 PM
Spring 2019 CCP High School Based Courses May 9, 2019 May 24, 2019 by 4:00pm  


End-of-Term Deadlines for Colleges:

Deadlines for Deans' Offices to submit graduation evaluations/senior sheets for graduation processing. Students' graduation evaluations not submitted by the deadlines below must be deferred to another graduating term.

Deadlines for Graduation Processing
Term Graduation Evaluations Due to Records Final Date to Clear Academic Holds & Submit any Changes to Records (grade changes, repetitions, etc.)
Spring 2019 Mon., May 20, 2019 by noon Fri., May 31, 2019 by 4:00pm
Summer 2019 Fri., August 16, 2019 by noon Tues., August 27, 2019 by 4:00pm