Registration Prerequisites

A "Prerequisite" is something that must be completed or a condition that must be met before you can register for a class.  Some courses at YSU might require the completion of lower level course prior to a higher level course while others might require a student to hold a certain class rank or academic major prior to course enrollment.  Not all course have prerequisites, but students should review the Undergraduate Bulletin and/or the "Detail Class Information" of each course when registering for prerequisites.  Listed below are examples of common prerequisites: 

  • Prerequisite/Test Score Example:   ENGL 1551 - Student must have completed ENGL 1550 or received a Composition and Reading Test result making you eligible to take this course.
  • Corequisite Example:   BIOL 1551 - Student must also register for BIOL 1551L.  Therefore when registering, you must register for both the lecture and the lab at the same time.
  • Class Example:   SOC 4821 - Student must hold a Junior standing and at least 9 s.h. of Sociology, and permission of the chairperson to add the course.
  • Program Example:   HPES 1560 - Student must have a major in exercise science or permission of instructor to add the course.
  • Special Approval Example:  MKTG 4842 - Student must have permission of department chairperson to add the course.

Who can a student talk to about course prerequisites?   The academic department for the course can explain why the course has a prerequisite.  Use the Faculty/Staff Directory for department contact information.  Students can also consult with academic advising for prerequisite information.