Faculty & Staff

Policy and Procedures

Office Recycling:

Within each office are desktop paper boxes. Employees and students may place all paper and publications in the boxes. Employees and students are to empty the desktop boxes into the RED or BLUE recycling bins located near their area. The cleaning staff empties these bins every Thursday evening. In the event one notices their bin has not been emptied, please call the Janitorial Office at ext. 3237. Also, if there are no desktop boxes or recycling tubs in the office, these items can be requested at the Recycling Office.


Special Office Pickups (Call in advance - Do Not Use Hallway Recycling Bins):

  • HARD and SOFT-BACK BOOKS ( remove covers from hard-back books, if possible )

Have items in your office that you don’t see listed here? Not sure if something should be thrown away, recycled, or reused? Simply call x2294 for assistance! Don’t just throw something away or do something without calling us first!


Please Take Note:

Remember to call ahead for special collections of large quantities (i.e. cleaning out boxes of files or many computer boxes). Same day collection is not guaranteed, but your request will be serviced in a timely manner depending on how much notice our staff is given. Please refrain from leaving items in the hall unless otherwise instructed by the Recycling Office. Your office is still responsible for those items left out in the hallway, which may be subject to fire code violations.

The YSU Recycling Program offers a collection service, and only collects materials that have been bagged, boxed, or broken down. We will not empty file cabinets, store confidential documents, accept trash/non-recyclables, or break down cardboard boxes. That is the responsibility of the office and/or the person(s) responsible for generating the waste (ex. cardboard boxes of any size). We reserve the right to refuse collection when procedure is not followed or contamination is too high.


Confidential Document Shredding:

Before you clean out and start purging documents, follow the instructions outlined for Records Management before calling the Recycling Program to schedule a collection.

Confidential document shredding is provided by a contracted, fully-bonded and insured document destruction company. A Certificate of Destruction is on file at the Recycling Office after each monthly shredding. The cost for the shredding is incurred by Janitorial Services, and is at no cost to each Department. FREE confidential document collection bins are provided by the company upon request and will be delivered during the company's next collection on campus. Confidential document collection is provided by our contracted company on the last Friday of every month (with exceptions due to Holidays or 5 week months).


Special Confidential Document Shredding Collection

All requests for special collections or to empty full confidential document containers, before or after the monthly collection day, must be made through the YSU Recycling Program ( x 2294 ). Due to the company's schedule, there are no guaranteed pick-up dates for extra collection outside of the monthly pick-up day at the end of each month. Therefore, it is advised to call in advance to schedule clean-outs or to please try to keep documents for the designated monthly pickup day. Extra bags can be provided by the Recycling Program, but the Recycling Program cannot haul or store your confidential documents. If your Department is planning a very large clean-out, the company can provide extra containers to help make the process more efficient for your Department, so please contact the Recycling Program to initiate the process.


Recycling In Each Building:

Located in the hallways throughout campus are recycling bin-sets for the following materials:


Single-Stream - All Paper & Publications and Mixed Beverage Containers Including:

Recycling center


COFFEE CUPS - Styrofoam and wax paper coffee cups CANNOT be recycled.
PLASTIC CONTAINERS must only be EMPTY BOTTLES or RIGID FOOD CONTAINERS marked #1 or #2.  (NO PLASTIC BAGS.  NO STYROFOAM).  Please note that BOTTLE LIDS are not recyclable.  RIGID CONTAINER LIDS that are marked #1 or #2 can be recycled. All other plastics must be thrown in trash.
METAL CANS must be EMPTY and free from food residue.
CARDBOARD must be broken down and placed behind the recycling bin.
NON-RECYCLABLE PAPER PRODUCTS – Paper towels, cups, and plates are
not recyclable.


The Chemical Management Center is in charge of recycling all batteries generated on campus.  For more information, please go here:  CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT CENTER


Surplus Electronics, Equipment & Furniture Disposal:

For more information on how to properly dispose of campus surplus equipment and furniture, go here: YSU SURPLUS