Mrs. Meghan Bileci

Senior Lecturer
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Mrs. Meghan Bileci

Senior Lecturer

Social Work


Before teaching at YSU, I was able to work extensively in community mental health. This experience provided a firm foundation for my teaching. My primary social work focus was on providing mental health services to underserved populations. During this time, I worked in crisis services, forensic social work, mental health assessment, and quality improvement. I have always been humbled by the ability to partner with those who may not be receiving the support of their families, friends, or community. I always found my work in the field to be fulfilling; however, I observed a gap in the training that young social workers were receiving when entering the field.
New social workers often came to the agency overwhelmed and underprepared. I began to act as a mentor for new social workers. This soon became my passion and I moved into a quality improvement position which allowed me to create and implement training for new employees in a more formalized position. Ultimately, this transferred to my position at YSU.

Research Interests

Student success predictors.
Student led learning.

Teaching Interests

My passions within the social work field include mental health, community advocacy, and evidence-based practices. These interests have prompted my position as the lead instructor for the Social Work and the DSM, Policy and Program Analysis, Advanced Treatment Planning and Outcomes, and Field.

  • Education
    • 2007

      Other, Social Work

      Cleveland State University

  • Awards and Honors
    • February 2021

      Cyber Learning

      Seal of Excellence for 7008 Course

      Seal of Excellence in Distance Learning

    • June 2020


      Seal of Excellence 6902

      Seal of Excellence in Distance Learning

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    • 2017 - present