YSU’s Penguin Combat Robotics team wins two matches at national competition

A YSU battle bot team, Penguin Combat Robotics, attended the national RoboGames competition in San Jose, California, winning two matches. RoboGames, or “the Olympics of Robots” is an open event founded by David Calkins, president of the Robotics Society of America (RSA) and is the largest open robot competition, according to the Guiness Book of World Records.

The competition is a showcase of ability and skill, with a combination of autonomous and remote operated robots.

Penguin Combat Robotics competed with their 250 pound robot, Hailstorm, winning two matches at a national level, for the first time since their founding. The team was made up of students from both mechanical and electrical engineering majors.

Participating students included: Alexander Richards; Graham Klemstine; Nathan Espenschied; John Paul Yuhanick; Wesley Staniford; Ronald Shirilla; Kevin Yacucci; Samuel Bevilacqua; and Reese O’Leary.