Campus Compact: December


**NEW** Thursday, December 6, Noon

Collaboratory webinar - Faculty/staff tracking their engagement: Motivations and opportunities

Your institution is engaging in exciting and diverse ways throughout your community, without being aware of the various activities and partnerships! Your data collection may be basic, a sophisticated homegrown system, a third party solution, or a hybrid. How do you get those engaged to provide the data? How do you ensure all aspects of the institution are invited to participate and well-represented?

Gain insights into the common tensions and motivations of faculty and staff when they are asked to provide data on engagement activities, as well as tools and strategies to communicate the value of and need for data to different stakeholder groups. We will also discuss best practices around the use of data, how to minimize administrative and political costs to data collection, and next steps your institution might pursue to successfully track community engagement data.


Thursday, December 6, 4 p.m.

Students and Spirituality: Student motivation to do good

part of the National Campus Compact webinar series

This webinar is an opportunity for Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) and Campus Compact to explore the intersection of faith and service as it relates to student motivation to engage in civic engagement. Dr. Janett Cordovés will introduce the work of IFYC and research they have done around how students in faith communities engage with their campuses and communities through civic engagement. Dr. Cordovés will be joined by staff and students to talk about their experiences.

Presenter: Janett I. Cordovés, Co-Curricular Partnerships Manager at IFYC