Restaurant/Field Trip Planning

Planning a Fieldtrip Lunch in Kilcawley

A fieldtrip to local museums and the YSU campus is always lots of fun and educational. Many fieldtrip itineraries include children purchasing lunches in Kilcawley’s Wendy’s restaurant [previously Arby’s] or bringing sack lunches to eat in the large, newly renovated, Wendy’s dining room. With so many schools visiting campus, Kilcawley Center must be notified in advance if your school wishes to use our dining spaces. 

Scheduling Your Fieldtrip Dining Room Visit.

 Please call Kilcawley Center’s Room Reservations Office at 330.941.3571 to determine if the Wendy’s dining room space is available. Teachers and fieldtrip coordinators will be asked to provide the fieldtrip date, arrival time for lunch, estimated number of students, school name, and a contact person’s phone number and e-mail address so that we may schedule your visit. If your students will also be allowed to visit Pete's Treats and More, please inform Kilcawley Center Room Reservations. [See Pete's Treats and More tips below.]

Advance Lunch Orders

If you wish to explore providing Wendy’s with advance lunch or snack orders, please contact our Kilcawley Room Reservation’s staff. They will be able to provide you the Wendy’s manager’s contact number. 

Seeking Speedy Lunch Lines?

Long lines at Wendy’s are no fun with a bus load of hungry children. YSU students are usually in line at Wendy’s from quarter-to-the-hour to twenty minutes after-the-hour. Planning your fieldtrip students to get their seats in the dining room and to be in the lunch lines at half-past the hour will make your fieldtrip lunch a speedy and pleasant experience. When YSU classes are on break or during summer session, anytime is a great time to visit Wendy’s. YSU’s summer session is mid-May thru mid-August. Winter break is mid-December thru mid-January and spring break is a week in mid-March. Kilcawley Room Reservations can provide you with specific dates and Wendy’s business hours during the academic year, breaks, and summer session.


If you are bringing students to campus on buses or vans, please contact YSU’s Parking Services to make special parking arrangements at 330.941.3546. 

Kilcawley Pete’s Treats and More Visits

The Kilcawley Pete’s Treats and More is just outside the Wendy’s hallway across from Comdoc and is the highlight of many children’s visits to campus. If your fieldtrip includes a visit to Pete’s Treats and More, please let us know in advance by contacting Michael Cardwell at 330-941-3565. Have a wonderful and enjoyable fieldtrip to our campus!