Guidelines for Non-Union Classified Employees and Professional/Administrative Employees


Distinguished service awards, full-time exempt professional/ administrative staff and full-time classified exempt staff.

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Human Resources

Vice President for Legal Affairs and Human Resources

October 1998; October 2010; June 2016

University Affairs

June 15, 2016


  1. Policy statement. Youngstown state university (“university”) recognizes employees for outstanding performance of duties that contributes to the good of the university and grants awards for such achievement.
  2. Parameters.
    1. Up to four awards may be granted annually to full-time exempt professional/administrative staff whose performance at the university has been identified as outstanding.
    2. Full-time exempt professional/administrative staff award recipients shall receive two thousand dollars, a stipend of one thousand dollars, and one thousand dollars added to the individual’s base salary in the following contract year.
    3. One award may be granted annually to a full-time exempt classified employee whose performance at the university has been identified as outstanding.
    4. A full-time classified exempt award recipient shall receive a cash award of one thousand four hundred dollars.
    5. The president, provost, vice presidents, deans, and executive directors are not eligible for consideration for distinguished service awards.
  3. Procedures.
    1. To be eligible to receive a distinguished service award, an individual must be nominated during the “Call for Nominations” process, which is annually initiated in January.
    2. Staff members, faculty, students, or alumni may make nominations.
    3. The provost and each vice president will appoint a person from each division to serve as a committee to review nominations and recommend award recipients.
    4. The committee will seek written input of the supervisors of all persons nominated for an award.
    5. The names of the award recipients recommended by the committee will be forwarded to the office of human resources.
    6. Announcement and presentation of the awards occurs at the annual staff awards dinner.
    7. Annually a list of all recipients of the distinguished service award will be presented to the university affairs committee of the board of trustees.

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