Tour of Wick House

Wick House double room

Double Room

  • spacious carpeted bedroom
  • fireplace in most rooms on 2nd floor (not operational)
  • personal bathroom is a bonus!

Wick House triple room

Triple Room

  • 4 triple rooms in Wick House
  • personal bathroom is a bonus!

Wick House Front desk Wick House Lounge Wick House Computer Room

Front Desk / Lobby / Computer Lab & Lounge

  • front desk open 24 hours
  • elegant lounge area with antique furniture
  • computer lab equipped with printer
  • kitchen includes refrigerator, sink, and microwave

Wick House Laundry Room


  • clean and spacious
  • 3 washers, 3 dryers
  • free to wash & dry

Wick House Bathroom