New Student FAQs

How does the Office of Housing & Residence Life communicate with applicants?

The Office of Housing & Residence Life will email students at their YSU student email account. It is important for students to be checking their YSU student email account on a regular basis.

How do I apply for on campus housing for the Academic Year 2020-2021 or for Summer 2020?

The housing application is available via

For more details on the timeline for signups, visit the Housing & Residence Life website at

Do I need to pay the $35 application fee if I am on scholarship or have a housing scholarship?

Yes, all students, regardless of scholarship or aid, must pay the application fee via the Housing Application. This application fee is non-refundable and is a one-time fee when students sign up for housing. The fee covers the administrative costs of your application, including background check.

Do I need to pay a $35 application fee for both my Academic Year and Summer applications?

No, you only have to pay the fee once. To bypass the application fee step on the summer application, you will need to contact the Office of Housing & Residence Life after you completed your academic year application. If you have questions contact The Housing Office at

Can I choose a roommate?

The roommate step in the Academic Year application is open after you sign the housing contract. You can browse, request and accept another student as an approved roommate. Confirmed roommates will have the ability to assign each other during the Room Search step of the application. It is strongly encouraged that you select your roommate or you will be assigned one at random.

Can I choose my own room?

Yes, the Room Search step will open on a specific date. This date will be communicated to all applicants via email. Students will access this step based upon your Room Selection Time-Slot. Your Room Selection Time-Slot is the day and time the Room Search Step is available to you. These Time-Slots are given to new applicants based on the date you sign your housing contract.

When can I move in for Spring 2020?

Move-In for new students will be on Sunday, January 12, 2020. Information about move in is always communicated through your YSU email.

When can I move in for Summer I, Summer Jumpstart, or Summer II?

Summer move in and out days are as follows:

Summer 2020 move in and out days are as follows:
Term Move-In (begins at 10am) Move Out (residents out by Noon)
Summer I Sunday, May 17 Saturday, June 27
Summer Jumpstart Sunday, June 15 Saturday, August 8
Summer II Sunday, June 29 Saturday, August 8

For more frequently asked housing questions go to our office's FAQ page.

You can find it under Current Residents or use this link to Frequently Asked Questions.