Disposal of Empty Chemical Containers

Standard Operating Procedure

Department of Chemistry

Disposal of Empty Chemical Containers

Designated Area:

All laboratories, both teaching and research.

Personal Protection:

Safety Goggles, Lab coat and appropriate gloves.


No formal training is necessary to complete this task. This SOP is included however in the department Safety Packet which is issued to all employees in the department and students involved in research.


Empty chemical containers (must have a cap) are to be taken to Chemical Management Center (Basement WBSH). Call first - X3703.

You may also call the CMC for pickup at extension 3703.

Do not discard in a trash can, crock, barrel, dumpster etc.

EXCEPTION -You may use an empty chemical container for waste but do not deface the barcode.

The procedure for disposing of waste remains the same. Complete and attach a Chemical Waste Form to the container/bottle and take to the storage area on the sixth floor of Ward Beecher.

Hazards involved in procedure:

Use caution when handling glassware

Any Questions. – Call CMC (X3703)

Emergency number – (X911)