MEM - Curriculum

The online Master of Science in Engineering, Management (MEM) is a two-year program.  The program starts Fall semester.   The program requires completion of 30 credit hours. A tentative program/schedule of the courses to be offered is shown below. 

First(1) Year Curriculum
Semester Catalog # Course Name S.h. technical or business/mgt
Fall ISEN 6921* Engineering Statistics 3 Technical
  MGMT 6941* Managing Organizational Talent 2 Business/Mgt
Spring ISEN 5881* Competitive Manufacturing Management 3 Technical
  FIN 6902* Financial Accounting for Decision Making 1 Business/Mgt
  ISEN Elective See Below 3 Technical
Summer ISEN 6920* Project Management 3 Technical
  ISEN Elective* See Below ** Technical

Total First Year Credits = 15


Second Year Curriculum
Semester catalog # course name s.h. technical or business/mgt
Fall MKTG 6943* Consumer and Product Management 2 Busines/Mgt
  ISEN 6935* Decision Analysis 3 Technical
Spring ISEN 6906* Supply Chain Engineering 3 Technical
  FIN 6923* Corporate Financial Management 2 Business/Mgt
  ACCT 6922* Accounting for Managerial Decisions 2 Business/Mgt
Summer ISEN Elective See below **  

Total Second Year Credits = 12 + 3 hours of electives

Designated as core courses.

** Students can take the ISEN elective first or second Summer semester.


  • In order to complete the program in two years, a student must take each core course in the semester that the course is scheduled to be offered.
  • The following courses will be made available to the students as elective once the online versions are developed/updated. Students may choose only the electives that are available at the time of registration for each semester.
Catalog # Course name Semester to be offered s.h.
ISEN 5880 Management of Technology To be determined 3
ISEN 6902 Digital Simulation To be determined 3
ISEN 6905 Design and Analysis of Experiments To be determined 3
CEEN 6925 Applied Environmental Management To be determined 3


  • If a student plans to take an optional course (as a substitute for a core course), he/she needs to secure the approval of the program director before registering for the course.
  • Students may register for a "Graduate Projects" course as a substitute for three hours of Technical or Business courses listed above. It is recommended that student should start such a course at least six months before the planned graduation date.
  • Students may need to take pre-requisite courses to be able to register to some of the courses included in the program. Some pre-requisites may be waived if equivalent courses have been taken. Student must consult an academic advisor to determine which pre-requisites will be needed.


(1) The course rotation starts Fall semester of odd years (2017, 2019, 2021, and so on).


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