Student FAQs

Take a look at these frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you may have as a student seeking tutoring. If your question isn't answered here, be sure to contact Michael Greco, Assistant Director of Student Tutorial Services!

  • When should I seek assistance from a tutor?

    As early in the semester as possible! Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so don't wait!

    The following are good reasons to seek a tutor:

    • If you want to maintain a good grade
    • If you want help with study skills or preparing for tests
    • If you are having difficulty with homework assignments or understanding lectures
    • If you are performing poorly on tests
    • If you are falling behind in class
  • What subjects are tutored in the CSP?

    Anything EXCEPT:

    • Math (through Calc 2)
    • Writing
    • Foreign Language
    • Ready & Study Skills
    • Communications

    Typical high demand subjects tutored in the CSP include:

    • Accounting
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Economics
    • Nursing
    • Physics
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
  • How do I make an appointment with a tutor?

    Appointments are scheduled online through TutorTrac. You are encouraged to come to the CSP for assistance in making an appointment; however, for convenience, you can access this website from any campus computer that has internet capability. Follow the steps for creating an account if it's the first time you have used the system.


  • What if a tutor is not available at the times I am available?
    You can complete a "Request for Tutoring" application, available in the Tutorial Center in the CSP or on our website. Every effort will be made to accomodate your request, whether by adjusting current tutors' schedules or by hiring new tutors. Online tutoring is also available. For details, contact us!
  • How frequently will I meet with my tutor?
    You will meet with the same tutor at the same time and day every week for the remainder of the semester.
  • How long are the appointments?
    Appointments are generally 50 minutes in length. This allows you and/or your tutor time to get to class after the session. If you need additional time, you can make arrangements through TutorTrac to schedule more time with the same tutor if they are available, or with a different tutor.
  • *Please note that you can have a maximum of two appointments per week in the same subject.
  • What if I have to cancel my appointment?
    You must call the secretary in Tutorial Services as soon as possible: 330.941.7253
  • What's the policy regarding missed appointments?
    Due to high demand for tutors, if you miss two consecutive appointments you will forfeit the appointment time with the tutor and be removed from the tutor's schedule. This allows the tutor to accomodate another student. You will also be removed from the tutor's schedule if you miss your first appointment.
  • What if I only need the tutor one time?
    We encourage you to continue to see your tutor every week. However, if you feel that the tutor has helped you to clarify the concepts with which you are struggling, thank the tutor and let them know that you will no longer be attending. By letting them know, they can accomodate another student in a timely manner.
  • Is there a limit to the number of appointments I can schedule?
    You can schedule up to three appointments per week, with a maximum of two appointments in the same subject.
  • Are group tutoring sessions offered?
    Yes! Tutors are trained to facilitate the learning of individual students as well as small groups of students. If multiple requests are received for tutoring in the same class with the same professor, a small group will be established and tutoring for that class will be offered at the same day and time each week.
  • What should I bring to the tutoring session?
    • Course syllabus
    • Notebook
    • Textbook
    • Past tests
    • In-class assignments
    • Questions
  • What should I do when I arrive for my appointment?
    Arrive a few minutes early so that you can prepare for the tutoring session. Once you get here, login to TutorTrac at one of the computer terminals.
  • What can I expect of my tutor?
    • Confidentiality
    • Respect
    • Patience
    • Concerted effort to aid in your understanding of difficult material
    • Help with study skills
    • Knowledge about the subject area being tutored
    • Ability to help identify learning obstacles and ways to overcome them
    • Ability to model effective student behaviors
    • Ability to make referrals to other places on campus that may provide you with assistance

    Are there things my tutor will NOT do?

    • Your homework — you will need to make an attempt at your homework before coming to tutoring. Make a note of concepts you are struggling with, and your tutor can review those concepts and work through similar problems with you.
    • Resuce you — nothing takes the place of consistent hard work throughout the semester. It's best to not wait until the last minute, including coming in for tutoring a week before exams. Preparation is key, so be sure to schedule your tutoring appointments at the first sign of trouble and as early in the semester as possible.
    • Take responsibility for your learning — you're tasked with going to class, reading the material, getting to know your instructor, etc. The tutors are here to make the concepts easier, not do the work for you.
    • Have all the answers to every question — our tutors are well-trained and knowledgeable about their subject matters; however, they can't be expected to know everything. What you can expect is your tutor to model the steps a successful student would use to find the solutions.