General Patron Comment/Concern/Complaint Procedures

The Department of Campus Recreation values your opinion and encourages your feedback.

All complaints will be addressed by the Director, Assistant Director or appropriate professional staff member of the Department of Campus Recreation. General complaints will be addressed and documented if they are submitted to the appropriate authority.  Verbal complaints that are not resolved at the time of the complaint should be written as a formal complaint to be reviewed by the Department of Campus Recreation. All concerns that cannot be resolved by the Department of Campus Recreation will be forwarded to the Associate Director of Student Experience.

Please allow up to 5 days for a response to a written complaint. Written complaints will be logged by the responsible administrative staff member along with the action taken to resolve the complaint.  After a complaint has been received and addressed, the Director or Assistant Director will conduct a follow-up with those involved in the complaint if necessary, and log the action taken.

Written complaints will be accepted via email, written letter, or by completing the department comment/complaint form.