ADMETE Scholarship in Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology

The US Air Force has identified a critical shortage in qualified people to fill positions in all areas related to the research, development, and implementation of assured digital microelectronics. This scholarship is part of a larger effort to build a pipeline of interested students in conjunction with an ecosystem consisting of research, community outreach, curriculum development, and industrial partnerships. Students selected will receive a minimum $2000 award and the opportunity to participate in professional and faculty mentoring, research lab experiences, professional development, and more! This scholarship is renewable based upon continued funding of the grant by the US AF.

Priority Deadline: December 1

Standard Deadline: February 1

Applications will be accepted until all scholarships are awarded

To apply, you must meet and complete the following:

  • Accepted to YSU's STEM College and majoring in Engineering (with plans to go into electrical engineering) or Electrical Engineering Technology
  • High School GPA > 3.0
  • Completed FAFSA
  • If majoring in Engineering: Mathematics placement into Calculus (via ACT/SAT or CCP credit) OR placement into Pre-Calculus (Math 1513) through the ALEKS placement test by June 30th
  • If majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology: Mathematics placement into at least Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry (MATH 1510/1511)
  • Written statement from student describing overall interest in electrical engineering and specifically any interest or experience with microelectronics (coding, robotics, etc...)
  • Submission of a recommendation letter from high school teacher
  • Evidence of extracurricular/leadership activities
  • Completed application with signatures from parent/guardian

You can apply at the ADMETE Scholarship in EEEET Application page!