Pre-Osteopathy Track

Practicing medicine as a DO is what your 10-year plan is all about. The Pre-Osteopathy track of our Biology program is how we'll prepare you for your goal today.

What You'll Study

Osteopathic medicine is a unique type of medical practice in the U.S. It draws upon modern medical techniques but focuses on a more holistic approach to treating medical problems. Just like an MD, a Doctor of Osteopathy must attend medical school and pass exams to become a licensed physician.

Taking courses that follow the Pre-Osteopathy track at Youngstown State allows you to work closely with your Biology professors to prepare for your future as a DO. You'll plan your curriculum around medical school entrance requirements and get guidance from faculty who want to see you succeed.

Majors with Pre-Osteopathy Tracks

  • Biology Major

    The Pre-Osteopathy track is offered through the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program in Biology.

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