Online Engineering Management MSE

Make your home the classroom with the fully online Master of Science in Engineering degree program and management option.

What You'll Study

With the Engineering master's program offered online, you will experience a combination of business and engineering courses to prepare you for a career in a technical organization.

Allowing you to take classes from virtually anywhere in the world, you will receive an education at your own pace. As demand is increasing for technical professionals, you will be able to build strong managerial skills. The Management option allows you to either build upon what you know about being a manager, or gain the expertise needed to move up within your organization.


  • Online Engineering MSE

    You will take business management and technical courses to complete the program in two years. Our online format is available across the U.S. and around the world. You'll still be taught by our full-time faculty, and earn an accredited MSE in a virtual classroom.

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