Biomathematics Minor

If you're a numbers person with an interest in the biological sciences, the Biomathematics minor gives you the best of both worlds with a program of study that broadens your knowledge in a growing field.

What You'll Study

Biomathematics uses math to explain biological processes and systems. It's a study that lends itself to a number of cutting-edge STEM careers, including biomedical research and engineering, biostatistics and bioinformatics.

The minor covers coursework that pairs well with our majors in Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Information Systems and more. Whether you're interested in research, graduate school or a career after college, you'll be prepared with a solid foundation in this interdisciplinary field.


  • Biomathematics Minor

    Courses range from studies in biology and ecology, to statistics and upper-level math, letting you choose classes from a number of interrelated options. Seminar and research components are also required.

    Course Listing