Actuarial Science Minor

In the Actuarial Science minor, you'll use statistical methods to determine the risk of everything from investments to mortality rates.

What You'll Study

Combining studies in business, economics and statistics, the minor offers a broad approach to the actuarial science field.

You'll learn methods that insurance, investment and finance companies use to gauge the likelihood of future events to better advise their clients and manage risk. Where others see uncertainty, you find opportunity, because you understand how numbers and patterns can help predict just about any situation.

And in a world of risk, there's at least one you don't need to worry about —the demand for actuaries. It's a field that has always enjoyed an increased need for professionals, and the numbers don't show a change in that any time soon.


  • Actuarial Science Minor

    The minor includes two economics courses, three accounting courses, one finance course, and two statistics courses.

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