Printmaking Minor

Combining traditional and contemporary art, you'll be skilled in painting, printmaking or both. This track allows you to take coursework that will determine which area fits you best.

What You'll Study



  • Printmaking Minor

    Choosing the courses you'll take will help you hone in on the areas you're most focused on with this minor. By choosing between intaglio relief and litho screenprint, you'll be come away from the minor with a solid understanding for the art. The minor can be completed in 18 credit hours.

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  • Printmaking Minor for Non-Art Majors

    Having a degree in something other than art doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the creative opportunities YSU has to offer.

    Get creative with paper. The printmaking minor shows you the originality of creating a work of art through printing it, typically on paper. As a non-art student, you'll take foundational courses that will give you an understanding of 2D design and drawing. The remaining courses will cover the types of printmaking: intaglio, relief, lithio and screen printing. These designs, while all different from one another, help you to create works of art. The minor can be completed in 18 credit hours.

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Internships and Jobs


  • SMARTS Art School
  • ArtMentors
  • United Future