Nurse Anesthetist MSN

We are no longer accepting applications for the Nurse Anesthetist MSN degree. Please see our Nurse Anesthesia DNP degree program.

The Nurse Anesthetist option of the MSN degree program focuses on the administration of anesthesia to individuals requiring surgical and non-surgical diagnostic procedures.

What You'll Study

As a nurse anesthetist, you will be monitoring patients before, during and after surgical and obstetrical procedures. Your responsibilities will include constantly checking your patient's vitals and making sure the anesthesia is being administered with safety and comfort.

The program is designed to equip you with all the necessary tools needed to be successful in your career. Your education will lead you to jobs within private and public sectors, including hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, pain clinics, physicians' offices and the U.S. military.

Program Outcomes
MSN Graduate Handbook*

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  • Nurse Anesthetist MSN

    You will take 16 credit hours of core courses within the MSN program, and then a combination of eight courses to complete the Nurse Anesthetist option.


    Admission Criteria


Internships and Jobs


  •  Midwest Physician Anesthesia Services (MPAS)
  •  BelPark Anesthesia
  •  St. Elizabeth Health Center

One More Thing

As a Nurse Anesthetist student, I have been provided extensive opportunities for academic and career success here at YSU and with St. Elizabeth Health System. After completing my first semester, I've already begun to learn firsthand how to provide quality, safe and efficient anesthesia care."

Melissa Younkins, SRNA, Class of 2016