Military Science Minor

Leadership is an essential element to success in every career, and ROTC students can earn a minor in Military Science to showcase this crucial skill set alongside their degree.

What You'll Study

Army ROTC is one of the programs at Youngstown State that provides leadership training. In this program, you'll quickly gain the confidence and discipline necessary to succeed in college, followed by skills and experience in taking charge of activities, setting goals, managing people and resources and making decisions in demanding circumstances.

Upon completion of the Army ROTC program and graduation from YSU, students will have both the leadership skills and academic credentials necessary to take on responsibility as Army officers and/or step into corporate America.


  • Military Science

    With a heavy emphasis on leadership, this series of courses also includes self and team development, as well as team military tactics. The minor is available in consultation with the academic major advisor and the Department of Military Science.

    Course Listing